Daegu ‘Brazilian No. 5’ Baselus, “I will show a goal and a good performance”

Daegu FC is starting a new season with five Brazilians. In addition to Cesingya, Edgar, and Pena, who were previously involved, Serato and Basellus were recruited to fill all foreign quotas.

Daegu, which delivered the news of Serato’s recruitment in December, also embraced Basellus earlier this month to build a five-member Brazilian team. In the 2023 season, Daegu’s six foreign quotas will be filled with one Asian (Japan, Keita) and five Brazilians.

Daegu’s last puzzle, Baselus, will challenge its first overseas stage in Daegu and the K-League. Baselos, who plays as a striker, has only been active in Brazil, and his previous team was CS Alagoano. 바카라

Brazilian Gazzetta Web reported the story of Baselus entering the K-League. Striker Baselos is excited about experiencing Asian football. It is the first time outside of Brazil, and it is an environment with many Brazilian players, which is unusual in the K-League.

He expressed his determination in Daegu, saying, “I am happy and motivated to wear the Daegu uniform this year. It is a big club and I feel a great responsibility. I will try to spend a high-level season, and I will show goals and good performances.” lost.

The media explained, “Daegu competes in the top league of Korean soccer. This instills a high sense of responsibility in the players.”

In this regard, Baselus promised, “Our goal is to have a high-level season. We will fight hard because our goal is to produce good results and results throughout the season.”

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