Cunningham and Lee Kwan-hee exploded LG, achieved 20 wins in the home… 4 straight wins and a home win streak at 35 days

LG took its 20th victory in the home room.

Changwon LG defeated Jeonju KCC 93-74 in the regular 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball league held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 22nd. On December 18, 2022, a home win streak was achieved 35 days after the match against Carrot in Goyang. And after Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation (22 wins, 10 losses), they stepped on the 20-win high for the second time. He solidified his solo 2nd place (20 wins, 12 losses).

Dante Cunningham (203cm, F) replaced Asem Marey (202cm, C). In the fight under the goal, he was not pushed by KCC foreign players, and he scored well. And Lee Kwan-hee (191cm, G) put a wedge in the 3rd quarter. Lim Dong-seop (198cm, F) also showed off his good body movements in his first game after moving to LG.

1Q: Jeonju KCC 20-17 Changwon LG: Jefferson in crisis

[Londe Hollis Jefferson 1Q record]
– 4 minutes and 55 seconds, 7 points (2 points: 2/4, free throws: 3/4)
 * Jeon Chang- jin , who
 scored the most in the team in 1Q

KCC coach said before the game, “The reason we caught LG in the last round is thanks to (La) Geon-ah. Gunah blocked Marey well, and the attack was also good. Gun-ah’s weight is also important in this round. In particular, he has to control Marey well,” he said, attaching importance to La Gun-ah (199cm, C).
Ragunah endured Asem Marey’s struggle well. However, he suffered an unexpected injury 4 minutes and 55 seconds before the end of the first quarter. He sprained his left knee while landing after the rebound. It appeared to be the biggest variable in the game. (La Gunah returned to the court in the 2nd quarter)
KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin put in Ronde Hollis Jefferson (197cm, F). Jefferson stepped on the court hastily. However, he boosted the team’s momentum with his sophisticated mid-range jumper and aggressive play. It was a key factor that made KCC’s advantage. He was a hero who appeared in a crisis for as long as the first quarter.

2Q: Changwon LG 45-30 Jeonju KCC: New triangle, and Lim Dong -seop

[LG key player 2Q record]
– Dante Cunningham: 10 minutes, 8 points (2 points: 4/6), 4 rebounds
– Lee Jae-do: 8 minutes 31 seconds, 7 points (2 points: 1/1, 3 points: 1/1, free throw: 2/2) 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 block shot
– Lee Kwan-hee: 10 minutes, 6 points (2 points: 2/2) 3 assists, 2 steals

LG All teams against the team are wary of Lee Jae-do (180cm, G)-Lee Kwan-hee-Asem Marey. LG also considers ‘Lee Jae-do – Lee Kwan-hee – Marey’ as the core triangle.
However, the second quarter against KCC was different. Lee Jae-do, Lee Kwan-hee, and Dante Cunningham formed a triangle formation. Cunningham showed competitiveness in the paint zone instead of Marey. A mid-range jumper and a fast attack followed by a dunk held the center. Lee Jae-do’s aggressive management and Lee Kwan-hee’s air-defense balance contributed to LG’s superiority.
Lim Dong-seop peaked. A tall shooter who joined LG through a trade right before the All-Star break. 26 seconds before the end of the 2nd quarter, Lee Kwan-hee’s pass finished with 3 points. It led to infinite applause from LG coach Cho Sang-hyun. LG, which even exploded with Lim Dong-seop, raised the mood with Kim Jun-il (200cm, C)’s buzzer beater. The gap with KCC widened further.

3Q: Changwon LG 72-43 Jeonju KCC: Basketball player Gat

Kwan-hee [Lee Gwan-hee’s 3Q record]
– 6 minutes and 13 seconds, 11 points (3 points: 3/3), 1 assist
 * Highest score in 3Q among players from
 both teams * Among players from both teams Most successful 3-pointers in 3Q (Number of successful 3-pointers in KCC 3Q: 3)

Lee Kwan-hee runs a YouTube channel called ‘Basketball Player God Kwan-hee’. He shows fans his daily life as a basketball player as well as his off-the-court side.
Because of the name of the channel, comments such as ‘God Kwan-hee’ come out on good days. The 3rd quarter against KCC was also in ‘God Kwan-hee’ mode. In 2 minutes and 46 seconds from the start of the 3rd quarter, he scored 11 points, including 3 3 points. Thanks to Lee Kwan-hee, LG ran away with 58-33. 온라인카지노
Like the second quarter, Lee Kwan-hee paid attention to basic team play such as defense and passing. Lee Kwan-hee’s explosive power came more meaningful because he showed passion even in the basics. LG also ran away with a larger score difference. If there were no incidents, victory was no different from LG’s.

4Q: Changwon LG 93-74 Jeonju KCC: Various achievements

[LG, 2022~2023 home win streak record]
1. 2022.10.18. vs Jeonju KCC: 87-70
2. 2022.10.24. vs Suwon KT: 85-66
 * First home win streak of the season
3. 2022.12.11. vs Seoul Samsung: 77-55
4. 2022.12.18. vs Goyang Carrot: 79-73
 * Second home win streak of the season in 55 days
5. 2023.01.20. vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation: 69-64
6. 2023.01.22. vs Jeonju KCC : 93-74

 * Third home win of the season in 35 days

LG started the last 10 minutes with a 29-point advantage. If you take the time but maintain a certain level of concentration, victory is likely.
LG led by more than 20 points even 5 minutes and 30 seconds before the end of the game. The victory was confirmed according to the planned scenario. The victory resulted in several achievements. The second 4 wins of the season, the 3 home wins of the season 3, and the 20th win were obtained.
Meanwhile, LG’s next opponent is Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. Another twin director confrontation was concluded. The record of the two teams against each other in the regular league is 2 wins and 1 loss. This is LG’s advantage. However, since there is not a big difference in power between LG and Hyundai Mobis, there is a high probability that the match between the two teams will flow into a close match.

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