Contact 2 hours before announcement” Players complaints, not ABS itself…I’m sad about “Missing Communication”

The KBO League is noisy. This is due to the Automatic Ball Determination System (ABS). Players are dissatisfied. It is because they think they have been excluded.먹튀검증

“The KBO announced the introduction of ABS in October last year. About two hours before the announcement, I was informed that the ABS will be implemented by the board’s decision. I have no choice but to feel that it is a notification,” said an official at the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association.

“ABS is great. Fans will also love it. The problem is experiencing it with his own body. It is different from the system used in Futures League. Past test results are meaningless. Above all, it is over once it is confirmed through the executive committee and the board of directors. It seems that they do not consider us as the subject of discussion yet. That is the most regrettable part.”

KT infielder Hwang Jae-gyun said, “I don’t know why they introduced the system so fast. The players were informed. There was no consultation with the players’ association. It felt as if they were just saying, ‘Now that it’s decided like this.’ Players accepted the plan as expected. It is right to say that the decision has been made.”

“I heard they conducted a survey. More than half of the respondents said they agreed. The first-team players were never surveyed. Second-team players did. They were running in the first-team players, but this was not the target. I think we should have communicated,” he added.

In addition, he said, “I heard that KBO is generally like this. It’s not about finding a direction through consultation, but almost in the form of notification. Even if the players’ association talks about it, they don’t listen. I feel like I’m being ignored. I keep getting misunderstandings. I have to solve it, but I can’t.”

Basically, ABS was introduced by KBO’s strong will. It was confirmed by the board of directors on October 18 last year. President Koo Young-yeon even explained ABS at a parliamentary audit on October 24 last year.

Players’ opinions seem to have been excluded in this process. There was no process of explaining and consulting in advance. Even though there is an organization that represents players’ association, it feels like it is not recognized as a “partner.”

The KBO’s highest voting body is the board of directors. There is an executive committee at the lower level. There is a separate supervisor meeting, and if there is anything to discuss for each club, it will be discussed.

The association says, “Then what about us?” Strictly speaking, the association is not a KBO organization. However, it is a major member of the KBO league.

In 2018, when KBO said it would implement a cap on free agent (FA) contracts, the players’ association strongly protested. Through the coordination process, the introduction of salary caps, a one-year reduction in the duration of FA acquisition, and the FA rating system were confirmed. Excluding this much, the players’ association has rarely raised the “half-year” head-on with the KBO.

Something is bubbling up. “Young friends, it’s hard to say it publicly. I thought a first-class player should come forward. It is true that players are not in a good mood right now,” Hwang said.

The players’ association is also preparing in its own way. “At first, when the ABS started, the association agreed that we will wait and see until April,” a source from the association said. “April is almost over. We are agonizing over how to respond, including expressing our position. We will organize it soon.”

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