Concern growing with doubleheader held in April…LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop’s remarks of conviction, “We need to reduce the number of games.”

The match between LG and SSG at Incheon SSG Landers Field, the match between Kiwoom and Doosan at Jamsil Stadium, and the showdown between KT and Lotte at Sajik Stadium in Busan were held as double headers.고수익알바

As the schedule of KBO League increased due to frequent cancellations of rain last year, the team decided to proceed with doubleheader from the beginning of this year. If Friday and Saturday games are canceled from April, the team will set up a doubleheader the next day. It excluded the hot weather of July to August.

Up until previous years, double headers were used to be used to be performed at the end of the season to complete the rest of the schedule, but this year, double headers were carried out early to prevent delays in the postseason. In particular, the Premier 12, an international competition, will be held from November 10.

As three games were canceled on the 20th, double headers were organized at as many as three stadiums on the 21st.

Two additional special entries per team can be operated for the doubleheader game, so each team brought in two players.

A double header literally consumes a lot of physical strength because two games are held in a day. It can be a significant blow to teams with shallow players. This is why we need to put more effort into managing players.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who will play his first doubleheader of this season, expressed skepticism about doubleheader. “Our country still has a shallow player base, so we have a lot of damage. It’s okay if we have players to deal with, but we also have the risk of injury,” Yeom said.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop insisted that the number of games should be reduced. “It is good for fans to reduce the number of games and improve quality,” he said. “I think 126 games is appropriate, but if I think it’s a bit small, I think it’s 133.”

“Rather than increasing the number of games to increase broadcasting rights, we need to increase the quality and value of baseball. The number of games does not matter. American football only plays once a week, but isn’t it popular? It is much more important to display quality games.”

“It’s one of the areas that we need to revise,” he said. “The broadcasting fee does not fall because we reduce the number of games. You may think that we need to cut it because we didn’t get it right away, but that’s why we can’t cut it and show the fans a meaningless game.”

After winning the first game 10-8, LG couldn’t decide the game 5-5 in the second game. On the same day, Kiwoom won the first game at Jamsil Stadium, but in the second game, Doosan shared one win each due to Yang Seok-hwan’s walk-off hit. At Sajik Stadium, Lotte and KT couldn’t decide the winner in the first game, and Lotte beat KT 7-5 in the second game.

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