“Coach Kim Taehyung is so strong. If you let him work as pitcher and batter…” Ohtani, the Lotte version, didn’t give up on his dream

Jeon Mir (19), who was selected as the third overall pick in the first round at the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft by Lotte, has unique talents in both pitching and hitting. With wide shoulders and a solid lower body measuring 188 centimeters tall and weighing 95 kilograms, Jeon was born with athletic ability. When he was a high school student at Gyeongbuk High School, he showed off his 150km fastball at the mound and powerful swing at bat, crossing the two strokes.헤라카지노주소

Last year as a third grader, Jeon pitched 67 ⅔ innings in 18 games as a pitcher, demonstrating his power with five wins and one loss, an earned run average of 1.32 strikeouts and 54 strikeouts. Sasa-ku had 23 hits, respectively, with 3.1 hits per nine innings. He also had a batting average of 346 with three homers, 32 RBIs and 33 walks in 27 games (28 hits from 81 times at bat), and 13 strikeouts and an OPS of 1.032. He was Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers in high school baseball.

Jeon, who led his team to the championship at Gyeongbuk High School in July last year, was named the third best player in the first round. When the draft was underway, former Lotte general manager Sung Min-gyu called Jeon as a pitcher and batter at Gyeongbuk High School. Both the general manager and the manager changed, but Jeon joined the team at the closing camp in November and moved from both sides. Jeon, who exchanged pitching and field teams during training, underwent practical tests as both pitcher and batter in the education league and in the own Cheongbaek match.

Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung said, “As the player himself wants to do it, I am letting him do it. You have to feel it yourself,” adding, “As a pitcher, he has better command than expected. It is more than expected. He has strong batting power, but he keeps up with the ball roughly. He moves a lot when hitting, and his strength is not transmitted well. Defensive position is another key factor.” Manager Kim expressed high expectations at the end of the closing camp, saying, “As a pitcher, I can even play in the first division right now.”

Jeon Mir, whom I met during the KBO rookie training session on the 9th, said, “Both pitching and batting are exercising, but pitching is more important. I’m doing drive-line exercises where I can catch and throw heavy balls,” adding, “I’m also doing batting training. I think everything helps me. Both pitching and hitting are the same. People around me are rooting for me to keep doing it. If you let me do it, I can do it,” he said.

While Kim Tae-hyung, a three-time Korean Series champion, is leaning toward a pitcher, Jeon has yet to give up his dream of becoming a second baseman. Even for Kim, who is known for his strong charisma, Jeon is so strong that he never gives up on his will to throw and hit. He will continue his pitching and hitting career until the spring camp, and will likely decide his future position.

“I first met Kim Tae-hyung during the closing camp, and he was so powerful. I don’t think he won the Korean Series for nothing,” Jeon said. “I’m listening to what the older members say as they pass by. (Kim) Jin-wook told me not to be in a hurry, and (Jin) Seung-hyun is the only one who can be playful, so he makes me comfortable. Park Se-woong is an incredible senior even though I haven’t talked to him properly yet. I want to ask him a lot about how he throws so well and talk to him.”

Jeon’s goal is to join the main league as soon as possible, either as pitching or hitting. “I will do my best to make my debut in the main league sooner than the rookie king. I want to show my potential to become a player who can contribute to the team and to show that kind of spirit only to rookies,” Jeon said.

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