Coach Bae Young-soo ‘Don’t work hard on your head!’…Straley ‘It’s originally big…!’ 2023 Scam

Dededo Sports Complex, Guam, where Lotte’s spring camp is held on the 6th.

Lotte’s ‘hairy ace’ foreign pitcher Dan Strayley (35) was preparing for his second bullpen pitching that day. A sudden variable (?) occurred to Strayley, who was preparing for a bullpen pitching routine with a drive-line program. 슬롯사이트

The hat Strayley was wearing burst. Strayley was wearing a size-adjustable cap, but suddenly the fastener on the back of the cap broke and the cap came off. Then pitching coach Bae Young-soo, who was watching Straley’s routine, joked, “Don’t work on his head, work on his legs.” Then, Strayley laughed and hit back, saying, “My head is originally big,” making his training atmosphere cheerful.

Strayley, who had his second bullpen pitching that day, showed off his perfect body. Pitching coach Bae Young-soo is taking care not to touch Strayley at all and to improve his condition in line with the regular season.

Strayley, who wore a Lotte uniform in 2020 and won the strikeout title, was reborn as the best foreign pitcher. After playing until the 2021 season, he challenged the major leagues in 2022, but failed to achieve his goal and joined Lotte as a substitute foreign player in the second half of 2022. And as he signed a multi-year contract when he joined last year, he will continue his life as a Lotte player this year as well.

Strayley plays the role of an ace as a foreign player, but also plays a role as a ‘teacher’ by passing on his know-how. Will Lotte be able to rise to the top position with Strayley’s perfect pitch this season? 2023.02.06 

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