“Choi Wonho, get out!” Hanwha, which dropped to 8th place…Do you want me to turn the engine around?


Hanwha, which has won seven consecutive games since the opening, has fallen to eighth place.

Coach Choi Won-ho, who was recruited to perform instead of Subero, said he would give results, and there was even a cry to “go out as the coach” in the end. Is it possible to turn the tables?스포츠토토


April was especially cruel for Hanwha.

The nightmare of being the last in the league with a team batting average of 240, ‘happiness defense’ also revived, and the trusted starters collapsed by giving up more than five points in six consecutive games.

In particular, in the match against Doosan, where Moon Dong-ju was re-turned after being hit by two three-point home runs by Kim Jae-hwan, fans’ complaints about the timing of the pitcher’s replacement were revealed.

[“Choi Wonho, get out!”]

The previous SSG game, which allowed the reversal while facing Choi Jeong and Han Yu-seom as a shaky bullpen pitcher, was no different.

[Comment: “I took out Park Sangwon’s card, but the pressure of the balls that went off little by little…”]

Hanwha quickly fell to eighth place with 6 wins and 17 losses and a 20% winning rate during April due to sluggish pitching and poor performance of the game.

Hanwha, which replaced Subero a year ago and chose Choi Won-ho, saying it would play “winning baseball,” has not escaped from the bottom even after Ryu Hyun-jin joined and recruited veterans such as Ahn Chi-hong.

Hanwha, which desperately needs a turnaround in the situation, which is turning into disappointment as its fans’ expectations are turning into a new record of 16 consecutive home games sold out this season, made Daejeon home fans happy with Peraza’s cool come-from-behind home run, but soon allowed another tie and reversal, eventually losing two consecutive games.

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