Cho Tae-gyun, President of the Icheon City Sports Council, “Thanks to the unexpectedly winning team that showed potential”

“Honestly, until yesterday, I didn’t expect to win and planned a meeting to prepare for next year’s competition, but I’m so happy that I won the championship in some events.”

In the 69th Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Festival, part 2, Tae-gyun Cho, the head of the Icheon City Team, who scored 22,480 points to beat Gwangmyeong City by 1,410 points and returned to the top after 11 years, calmly expressed his impressions of winning the come-from-behind victory. revealed

Chairman Cho said, “We finished 14th in the pre-competition, golf, and was completely unexpected to win the championship due to the sluggishness of the city’s representative events, such as soccer and bowling.” It was the decisive driving force that volleyball won,” he said.바카라사이트

He continued, “I told the staff to prepare countermeasures for the city and the next competition because it was difficult to return to the top. I am more than happy to show the team’s efforts and the potential of Icheon City, who did their best without giving up until the end. I am grateful to Mayor Kim Kyung-hee and other city officials, city council, and citizens for their support.”

In addition, Chairman Cho explained, “Compared to other regions, Icheon has poor infrastructure for school sports, which is the foundation.”

Along with this, Chairman Cho emphasized that he will make efforts to create a steadily developing Icheon city sports in the future by consulting with the council on the establishment of a soccer K4 team with the goal of launching in 2025 and the revision of ordinances to ensure the substantiality of the city’s workplace sports department.”

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