Cheonan City FC Secretariat staff came out to invite citizen fans

Cheonan City FC Secretariat employees promoted the “Cheonan Asan Derby” home game to be held at Cheonan Stadium at 19:00 on Sunday, June 2nd at Cheonan Government Complex Street in the afternoon of the 29th.고소득알바

The official mascot of Cheonan City FC Horam was also unveiled for the first time on the street promotion, attracting the attention of many citizens. Secretariat personnel including Secretary General Kim Hyung-mok and Horam greeted office workers and students on their way home from work and actively promoted the home game on the 2nd.

An official from Cheonan City FC said, “The club is preparing for a richer event ahead of the home game against Chungnam Asan on the 2nd,” adding, “We ask for a lot of support and interest from Cheonan City FC by visiting Cheonan Stadium on the 2nd.”

For the Cheonan City FC home game, online reservations are available at Interpark tickets. On-site tickets are also available at W and N ticket offices on the day of the game. Further information on home games will be posted on the team’s official Instagram.

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