Cha Jun-hwan and Kim Ye-rim’s university evaluation, Hae-in Lee’s ‘Ah! 4th place in ‘Stye’ High School Division 

‘Prince of figure skating’ Cha Jun-hwan (22, Korea University) and ‘figure skating general’ Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University) could not be found on the university stage.

Cha Jun-hwan scored 89.42 points in technical score (TES) and 91.81 points in art point (PCS) and 181.23 points in total in the figure skating men’s university single group A free skating at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival held at the indoor ice rink in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do on the 19th.

The day before, with 100.7 points in the short program and 281.93 points in total, she stood at the top, beating second place Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University) with 243.83 points by a large margin.

Cha Jun-hwan, who was the last out of the 6 contestants, gave a near-perfect performance to the OST of the movie 007 James Bond series No Time To Die. He was judged for a quarter landing (when the jump rotation fell short of the 90 degree level) with some regret on the last jump triple lutz + single oiler + triple salchow, but it was okay to win.

Cha Jun-hwan, who had been slowed down by a foreign object that fell on the ice during the short program of the Four Continents Competition and ended up in 4th place, met with reporters after the game and said, “Rather than show it to me, I spoke about not being able to catch the flow to the end in an unexpected situation at the Four Continents Competition. “I thought a lot on my own,” he said.

Kim Ye-rim scored 67.87 points in TES, 66.74 points in PCS, and 134.61 points in the women’s university single group A free skating. She scored 68.48 points in the short program and 203.09 points in total, beating second place Lee Si-won (Kyunghee University, 144.35 points) by a large margin and harvesting her gold medal.

Kim Ye-rim, who performed according to Summer of 42, lost rhythm in the triple lutz + double toe loop + double loop combination jump, and the jump was treated as a double lutz, but later she added a double toe loop + single loop to the triple chalcoe jump. I made up for it and kept it normal.

Kim Ye-rim, who earned the nickname “Figure Skating General” by participating in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, won her gold medal at the 5th International Skating Union (ISU) Senior Grand Prix competition in November last year. She was the first Korean player to win a gold medal in the Senior Grand Prix 13 years after Yuna Kim.

Having been on the podium in every competition except for the Grand Prix Final this season, after confirming victory in the competition with a back injury, he said, “I didn’t want to skip it because it was originally planned, and I thought I could do it at this level, so I participated.” Judging by the current judgment, I don’t think it will have a big impact on the world championships. I think it will depend on how I manage with about a month left,” he stressed the importance of injury management.

The season will virtually come to an end when the ISU World Championships, which will be held in Saitama, Japan from the 20th to the 26th of next month, are over. Kim Ye-rim’s 11th place in 2011 is her personal best result in this event. Last year, even after winning the right to participate, he lowered his head due to a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). 바카라사이트

“I don’t know what the schedule will be, but I will prepare with the thought that this season’s World Championship will be my last,” said Kim Ye-rim, reaffirming his determination, “This season has been very difficult and long, but I will do my best to finish with a smile at the end.”

Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), who recently won the women’s singles gold medal at the ISU ‘Four Continents Figure Skating Championships’ 14 years after Kim Yuna, showed poor physical condition, falling once while performing a jump task in the short program the day before. Day also played a somewhat disappointing game, adding 133.03 points with TES 66.94 points and PCS 66.09 points, remaining in 4th place with a total of 193.23 points.

There was a reason for the sluggishness. After the game, Lee Hae-in said, “I had a stye in my left eye. I applied the ointment, so I couldn’t see well because the ointment combined with sweat.” I am satisfied,” he said.

Kim Chae-yeon (17, Surigo), who started the free skating with 70.44 points and 1st place the previous day, started her performance in line with Poeta. After performing the jumps and spins in the first half without problems, she performed well in the second half as well. As a result, she recorded her season best with 77.57 TES, 64.08 PCS, and 141.65 points, and with a total of 212.09 points, this was also her own all-season best, taking first place overall.

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