Bring Real Madrid within 2 years… Recruitment from this summer

Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Real Madrid (Spain) plans to reinforce the right full-back. It is reported that he is interested in Diogo Dalot (23), who is playing for Manchester United (England). In particular, it is known that the recruitment is promoted during the upcoming summer transfer market, and even the prospect that if it fails, it can aim again next summer, is known to be specific.

The Spanish media ‘As’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Real Madrid are interested in Dalot, who has about a year left on the contract, as they have not yet signed a renewal contract.” reported the news.

According to reports, Real Madrid reviewed several candidates to find a successor as the main right-back Dani Carvajal (31) has already entered his 30s and has not been able to show the same skills as before due to frequent injuries in recent years. . 먹튀검증

Initially, coach Carlo Ancelotti (63, Italy) wanted Joao Cancelo (28). However, as rumors of a “discord” circulated with coach Josep Guardiola (52, Spain) this winter, interest in him faded at the moment as he expressed doubts about leaving on loan to Bayern Munich (Germany). In the midst of this, he is keeping an eye on Daloth, which he considered as the next ‘priority’.

In particular, Real Madrid is targeting the fact that Dalot has not yet signed a renewal contract with Manchester United, with less than two years left until June 30, 2024. This is because, in general, the shorter the remaining contract period, the lower the transfer fee can be as low as possible during the negotiation process.

‘As’ said, “Real Madrid will start negotiations to lower the transfer fee this summer, taking advantage of the lack of negotiations on the renewal of Dalot’s contract.” As a strategy, you can try to recruit him as a free agent (FA) next summer without a transfer fee,” he added.

Dalot is a right full-back who left Porto (Portugal) in 2018 last year and wore the Manchester United uniform. He played at Old Trafford all the way, except for the 2020-2021 season when he was on loan at AC Milan (Italy). He scored 2 goals and 6 assists in 90 games in his career. This season, he is receiving 1 goal and 3 assists in 25 games in all competitions, receiving the firm trust of coach Eric Ten Haag (53, Netherlands).

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