“Booing an enthusiastic Kim Ha-Sung…noteworthy” SD media was stunned too

The crowd’s booing of Kim Ha-Sung (28, San Diego Padres) was described as “remarkable” by local media. The scene showed the disappointment of San Diego fans at the team’s poor performance.

Kim was booed by the crowd during the game against the San Francisco Giants at Petco Park on April 1 (KST). This was a first for Kim, who has been a fan favorite in San Diego for his offensive performance this season.

It happened in the third inning with runners on first and second and San Diego trailing 4-0. San Francisco’s Blake Sable hit a grounder past pitcher Pedro Avila, and second baseman Ha-Sung Kim stretched out his glove to make a backhanded catch, but the ball slipped under him.

The next pitch hit Kim’s right foot and deflected toward center field, allowing second baseman J.D. Davis to score from third base. Sable sprinted to second base. The San Diego home crowd erupted in boos as the score was 5-0. The score was one run, two hits.

It wasn’t Kim’s fault. He made the best play he could, throwing his body out there. However, when the inning was prolonged by back-to-back throwing errors by first baseman Matthew Batten and a throwing error by third baseman Manny Machado, the home fans also booed uncontrollably.

It was a sign of anger directed at the team as a whole, not the individual, but it was an unfamiliar situation after Kim’s disappointing play. The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local newspaper, also pointed out that it was noteworthy that Kim was booed on the 2nd.

“The crowd booed when the ball went under Kim’s glove, hit his foot and sailed toward center field. It wasn’t the first time the crowd booed, but it was noteworthy because it was directed at Kim, who has been one of the Padres’ most enthusiastically cheered players this season, one of the few who has lived up to (and indeed exceeded) expectations.

“Kim ran a long way to catch the ball, and it wasn’t even ruled an error. But the Petco Park crowd, which has seen a lot of games during this painful season, was in a bad mood in the third inning after two errors and a bad throw by Baton. It seemed like Kim was having a fielding error party for his teammates.온라인카지노

After self-destructing with a six-run third inning, the Padres fell to San Francisco 2-7 on the day. With their third straight loss, the Padres are now 62-73, 8.5 games behind San Francisco (70-64) for the third National League (NL) wild card, and their fall baseball hopes are all but gone.

The San Diego Union-Tribune wrote, “The loss effectively raised the white flag. No one in the clubhouse was talking about the playoffs after last weekend’s loss to Milwaukee,” and the Dodgers are -11 for the first time since 2019. We didn’t have a big crowd (36,639). The atmosphere was reminiscent of 2019, except for the boos. In 2019, there was no reason to boo, because there were no expectations then, but this season is different,” he said, explaining that the fans’ expectations were high and their disappointment was high.

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