Bo-reum Kim wins part of the 2nd trial… “Roh Seon-yeong compensated 3 million won”

In the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Kim Bo-reum, who caused the controversy over ‘bullying driving’ in speed skating, won some of the appeals suit against Noh Seon-young.

The Seoul High Court upheld the first trial judgment today (21st) in the appeal trial of Kim Bo-reum and Noh Seon-young’s claim for damages, saying, 안전놀이터“We dismiss all appeals of the plaintiff and the defendant.”

The first trial court ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs, saying, “It is acknowledged that Seon-young Roh verbally abused and abused her junior, Bo-reum Kim,” and that Sun-young Roh should compensate 3 million won.

Previously, the 2nd trial court made a decision on compulsory adjustment on two occasions, but both failed to reach an agreement due to objections. Reporter Lee Hwa-young

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