Behind Ginseng Corporation’s 6 consecutive victories in 11 years, there is Hansongi

The role model of KGC Ginseng Corporation’s oldest professional volleyball women’s team, Han Song-i (39), is not a volleyball player. He’s not even a successful sports star in another sport. His role model is ‘national MC Yoo Jae-seok’. Han Songi’s explanation is as follows. “(Yoo Jae-seok) has a straight image anytime, anywhere, and he is thorough in self-management. He knows how to reach out for those around him. I want to be that person too.” Han Song-i’s appearance on the court this season is also similar.

Han Song-i, who has been playing for 19 seasons since 2005, the first year of professional volleyball, played as a national team member until the final Asian qualifying round for the Tokyo Olympics held in January 2020, but is no longer a main player in his team. But he does his job regardless of where he is. He silently supports the team led by foreign player Elisabeth and captain Lee So-young, who are ranked first in scoring (915 points), from behind.

Han Song-i, the third middle blocker following the main middle blockers Park Eun-jin and Jeong Ho-young, is mainly used as a one-point blocker in place of setter Yeom Hye-seon this season. From the second half of the 3rd round, he has another role and sometimes acts as an outside hitter. Songi Han played as an outside heater during the 2012 London Olympics. He is making use of the experience of representing women’s volleyball as a wing striker. 메이저사이트

In particular, he plays a decisive role in the match in the second half of the set by utilizing his attack power and blocking. On the 17th of last month, in the 12-12 situation in the 5th set against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, he was replaced with Park Hye-min and succeeded in a decisive attack that led to victory. Ko Hee-jin, director of KGC Ginseng Corporation, said, “I am working hard for the team to the extent that I set aside time (as an outside heater) to receive training. We expect the experience of veteran Han Songi to shine in the remaining games.”

Ginseng Corp. is currently on a six-game winning streak. It is the first 6 wins in 11 years and 3 months since December 1, 2011. As of the 2nd, she is ranked 3rd in the women’s division and is raising hopes of advancing to the postseason after six seasons since the 2016-2017 season (3rd place).

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