Basketball i-League in its second year, what will change in 2023?

 The basketball youth and youth club league (i-League, hereinafter referred to as Basketball i-League) is about to enter its second season.

The 2023 Basketball Youth Club League (i-League, hereinafter referred to as Basketball i-League) is a nationwide league event hosted by the Korea Sports Association and supervised by the Korea Basketball Association, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Agency. .

The goal is to create an enjoyable basketball culture that combines basketball with various cultures and educational contents, breaking away from the existing elite player training and match-oriented culture.

The basketball i-league, which took its first steps last year, was held in 12 cities and provinces and 19 cities and counties and districts across the country for sports players aged 8 to 16 years old. Through this, the foundation for the direction of sports for life and professional sports was laid, and a place for student athletes to experience sports and improve their skills was provided.

What kind of changes will the basketball i-league face in its second year? First of all, starting this year, the participating regions will be expanded from 12 to 13, and the participating regions will be expanded from 19 to 22, with 500 teams and 5,000 people participating. It consists of 4 elementary schools (U8, U10, U12, girls’ elementary school), 2 middle schools (U15, girls’ middle school), and 1 high school school (U18). We also have a plan to operate.

With the motto of ‘playing basketball’, the scale of detailed programs will be further expanded. Cultural programs that make use of the characteristics of each league will be held, and daily clinics selected and visited by each league will be held from 7 times to 8 times. Last year, the association invited professional instructors such as Woo Ji-won, Lee Kyu-seop, and Bae Gil-tae, receiving great responses from basketball dreamers and parents. will provide

In particular, the summer basketball festival, which was ambitiously planned by the association last year, will be held for two days and one night in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do on August 26-27, named Basketball i-Festa this year. It consists of various programs such as 3×3 classes, 3×3 games, water play zone, cultural experience zone, and night recreation. With the concept of student players, parents, and coaches harmonizing, it plans to provide special basketball lectures, classes, and various fun activities with the theme of basketball.

This is not the only effort that the association puts in effort to change and develop the i-League. We plan to widely increase the accessibility of the i-League by providing information on competitions and recruiting applications using social media for the younger generation. For example, the association plans to hold various events through the ‘Basketball i-League’ Instagram account.안전놀이터

In addition, we will establish a closer cooperative relationship with the basketball associations of each city and province to create conditions for more young people in more regions to be together. This shows the association’s intention not to end the i-League as a one-time event.

As associations, city/province basketball associations, city/county/district basketball associations and partner companies are working together to lay the foundation for the growth of the i-League, which has just taken its first steps, the i-League, which will grow and return in 2023, is expected to grow a little. I wonder if it would be better to expect more.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Basketball i-League will start a seven-month long journey starting with the Jeju League on the 13th.

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