Baek Seok-hyun, who won the first championship in his life, “I will become a great player who wins many wins, not just one win”

 An unknown rebellion occurred on the Korean Tour of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA).

Baek Seok-hyun (33, Hussem), who started his professional career on the Asian Tour in 2010, won the first championship in his life. This is the thrilling first win in the 56th tournament of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour.

In the final round of the Korean Tour SK Telecom Open held at the Pinx Golf Club (par 71, 7326 yards) in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 21st, Baek Seok-hyun reduced 3 strokes by changing 1 eagle, 3 birdies and 2 bogeys. With a final total of 13 under par and 271 strokes, he beat Lee Tae-hoon (33, DB Insurance) in second place by one stroke.메이저사이트

“My goal was to get married and look good to his wife and father-in-law. He appeared on TV a lot in the first and second rounds, and it felt good. So good. My next goal is not to be a pro who wins one game, but to become a player who wins many times. I want to become a great player. The name may be unfamiliar, but it feels good to know the name to Korean golf fans.

Next, Q&A with Baek Seok-hyun.

– Winning speech

I didn’t know it felt like this. It was a feeling of happiness that cannot be described in words. It was so much fun. He gave me a good shot because he was a friend who competed with Taehoon hyung on the Asian Tour.

– How did you go into the final round?

I was full of confidence. let’s not keep Let’s hit it as aggressively as possible. There were many cases where it was broken while protecting it. Companions are experienced winners. Let’s hit it aggressively, and continued to promise not to regret it.

-How did you feel when you putt?

Instead of thinking about winning, focus on your stroke. Let’s not tremble, I thought not to regret. My hands were shaking so much on the last putt. I can’t see the hall. Didn’t even see the ball. I thought that I should not shake my hand. After putting it in, my hair turned white. I was emotional because I hadn’t won for so long. I felt that there are hyungs I like because my teammates sprayed me with water.

– You made your professional debut in 2008, how did you live?

As soon as I was in middle school, I immigrated to Thailand, not emigrated. I sat down in Thailand for 16-17 years. I received a spawn from Singa, and returned home because of the military.

-It took a long time to win the first championship. What drives you to think for yourself?

I am learning from coach Lee Seung-yong, who won the Maekyung Open as an amateur. He advised me to switch to a weak grip, which was previously a strong grip. In 9 months he changed his grip. It didn’t go well, but the coach said it’s okay to hold on. After being discharged, I participated in the Korean Tour from 2021, but I was (psychologically) exhausted because I did not perform well. This tournament was his favorite, Bent Grass, so he went confidently and comfortably. I changed my swing because of what my coach said, but I’m happy that my grades didn’t come out. I think the coach must have suffered more than me. It’s so nice to win.

– No-look putt was a hot topic?

After being discharged, the putter did not work. He was confident in his putter and short game. When he looked at the ball, his left shoulder stopped. When I looked at him during practice on Wednesday, his shoulders came out easily. I wanted to try it with a no-look. (Laughs) Originally, I brought Adam Scott’s broom stick putter. The shaft angle is 81 degrees, so it is a putter that cannot be used according to the regulations. So I came out with a sample putter that Scotty Cameron had put down. everything fit together well.

-You’re not always no-look, are you?

I was shaken on holes 1-3. I made a par save with a no-look putt. The atmosphere improved as I blazed on the 4th hole. If the line or downhill is severe, look at the ball and putt. It is difficult to match the sense of distance with No Look. Uphill and the like were made with no look. At the next tournament, I will bring a bloom stick (which meets the rules) and putt after looking at the hole. The maximum is 79.5 degrees, but they say that it is 81 degrees, so they can’t use it.

-It was a fierce match, but were you conscious of winning?

I thought about playing hole by hole. I didn’t even want to look at the score. I thought I was playing holes 1 and 2 throughout the game. So it was 15 times. I felt a sense of pressure knowing that I was two strokes behind on the 16th hole. I made mistakes 17 times and 18 times. I didn’t think about winning. I didn’t want to feel pressured or anxious. I just thought of playing aggressively.

-You said you were happy to show your wife that I am this kind of person, but since you won, say something?

My wife looked at me a lot. She tries to show off as much as possible, but when she enters the house, she can’t look good. It hurt to watch her. she never talked She is the one who trusted and married me, I am so grateful and I think I will be there crying. I love you and won, so you don’t have to worry. I hope you two live happily ever after.

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