‘Bad guy’ Levy decided to pay 146.5 billion won for ‘highest transfer fee’ ever… Who the hell are you?

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, who is famous for being a ‘sweetie’, has decided that Tottenham can pay the highest transfer fee ever.

The main character is Ansu Fati, a 20-year-old new striker in Barcelona. Partey, who was also selected for the Spanish national team at a young age, went through Barcelona youth and rose to the first team in Barcelona in 2019. But he didn’t get many chances at Barcelona.안전놀이터

The situation did not change even after the appointment of Xavi Hernandez as manager, and most of them were substitute appearances. The party and the party agent expressed dissatisfaction, but when the situation did not change, it reached the stage of promoting a transfer to a team that guaranteed constant participation.

The party’s agent is Jorge Mendes, who is called the ‘super agent’. England’s Manchester United and Germany’s Bayern Munich are eager to recruit Fatih, and Tottenham is also participating.

In particular, it is understood that Chairman Levy is completely immersed in the party. Chairman Levy is famous for being a salty man, but he will not spare money in recruiting a party. He is willing to pay up to 90 million pounds (146.5 billion won).

This is a new record for the highest transfer fee ever for Tottenham. The previous record was 65 million pounds (107 billion won) of Tanguy Ndombele, who transferred from Olympique Lyonnais to Tottenham in 2019.

Britain’s ‘Express’ reported that “Tottenham chairman Levy has not lost interest in signing Partey despite the £90 million price tag. Chairman Levy is ready to pay a new Tottenham transfer fee record for Party.”

The media then added, “Mendes, the party agent, has proposed signing parties to various clubs in Europe, and while Manchester United and Bayern Munich are interested, President Levy has also shown great interest. Price is not important to Chairman Levy now.” .

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