Back to the 2023 ABS First Breakdown, Human Judgment Returned


ABS, an automatic ball judgment system introduced in professional baseball this season, broke down for the first time.룸알바

There was a problem with the camera tracking the ball, and it was a short time, but a human referee started to judge the ball for the first time in a long time.


In the Jamsil game between LG and Kiwoom, the referees gather in the third inning to discuss and make an important announcement.

[Referee: “The tracking camera is not working right now. The referee will make his own decision until it is fully restored.”]

Other than a simple tracking error, it was the first time in the regular league that the system itself had stopped.

The referee, who made the decision himself after a long time, choked up and relaxed.

The referee declared the ball on a breaking ball that was difficult to judge easily, but if it was ABS, other results could have been made.

Fortunately, the ABS was restored five times, and the ABS also accurately determined the superbly high ball.

KBO said there was a problem with all the cameras and said it would take measures to prevent a recurrence along with a close fact-finding investigation.

When KT third baseman Hwang Jae-gyun made a disappointing defense, coach Lee Kang-chul shook his hand in the dugout.

Coach Lee Kang-chul made an unusual decision to replace veteran Hwang Jae-gyun early in the game.

However, KT immediately made a mistake of giving up the score because second baseman Oh Yoon-seok did not see the third baseman when Ha Joo-seok hit a ground ball.

KT’s dugout atmosphere got darker and darker, contrasting with Hanwha manager Kim Kyung-moon’s bright expression.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop was sent off for the second consecutive day in protest after Cho Su-haeng was out after a video review for a three-foot defensive interference.

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