AVG .421 Exciting No. 2 hitter, KIA survives only when the leadoff hits

 King of stealing must explode to live. 

The KIA Tigers played a losing series against the Doosan Bears in their 3-game series in Gwangju on the weekend. Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young’s injury and Kim Sun-bin’s injury overlapped, making it impossible to operate the complete lineup. The remaining players are doing their best to play the game, but it is also true that the gap between the two players seems large. 

Among the KIA hitters, Lee Chang-jin is the most active player. He was dropped as the starting left fielder and is flying in the opening 5 games. Everyone is getting hits. He is 8-for-19 with a batting average of 4.2 with 1 RBI and 3 runs scored. This is the momentum that won the monthly MVP in July of the 2022 season with a batting average of . 메이저사이트

He scored one hit each in the opening two consecutive games with SSG, and made six hits in three consecutive games with Doosan. In the game on the 8th, he scored 3 hits and led the victory. In the game on the 9th, he recorded a multi-hit and continued to rise. He is in excellent condition to the extent that he can attack any ball at bat. 

However, the sluggishness of leadoff Park Chan-ho, who is paired with Lee Chang-jin, has reduced the cohesiveness of his batting line. Park Chan-ho has played as the first hitter in five consecutive games since the opening game. In the opening series with SSG, he showed off his hitting by hitting multi-hits for two days in a row. However, in the 3 consecutive matches with Doosan, he had only 1 hit in 13 at-bats. 

He has a batting average of 2.17 and an on-base percentage of .25. He also bowed his head on several scoring chances. With his leadoff performance, it’s hard to give a business card. He’s still early in the season, so he’ll likely bounce back soon. In order to create a scoring route, you have to go on base in front of Lee Chang-jin, who is showing a booming batting trend. 

That’s why Park Chan-ho’s going to base is so important. He has excellent stealing ability and can create a clue to scoring. It was clearly shown in the game on the 8th. He came on as the lead batter in the 5th inning and went to base with an infield hit, advancing to third base when Lee Chang-jin hit to the left. When the opponent’s left fielder took some time off, he immediately ran to third base and provided a clue to a 3-point reversal.

Director Kim Jong-guk diagnosed, “I didn’t have much training due to a wrist injury at the camp. I think there was a little bit of that effect.” After the Arizona camp, he rehabilitated without participating in the 2nd Okinawa camp. It would be a big worry for the team if Park Chan-ho’s on-base numbers decrease without Kim Do-yeong, who runs alongside him. KIA is waiting for King Doru’s stormy rage. /sunny@osen.co.kr

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