Average annual salary in Japanese professional baseball, 445 million won… KBO league triplex

 It was found that Japanese professional baseball players earn more than three times the annual salary of Korean players this year.

The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association announced the results of a survey conducted on 714 players (excluding foreign players) from 12 Japanese professional baseball teams on the 24th, and found that the average annual salary for the 2023 season was 44.68 million yen (approximately 445.75 million won). ) was reported to be It is the highest amount ever

By club, the prestigious team Yomiuri Giants has the most with 68.07 million yen, followed by Softbank Hawks (67.63 million yen) and Rakuten Golden Eagles (53.53 million yen).

The lowest salary team was the Nippon Ham Fighters, with only 25.69 million yen.

By position, infielders earned the most, receiving an average of 50.29 million yen. Outfielders receive 46.45 million yen, and pitchers receive 43.64 million yen.안전놀이터

The average annual salary of KBO league players in the 2023 season (excluding new players and foreign players) is 146.48 million won, which shows a big difference.

It is difficult to compare it to the income of major league (MLB) players in the American professional baseball league.

According to the Associated Press, the average annual salary of big league players included in this season’s opening roster is $4,907,108 (approximately 6.558 billion won).

It is more than 14 times more than Japanese professional baseball players and 44 times more than Korean players.

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