‘Average 27.1 years old’ Main catcher leading the youngest team “I saw hope”

The NC Dinos became the youngest team in the league with an average age of 27.1 as announced by the KBO this year. Last year, it was 28.4 years old, exceeding the overall average of 27.9 years old, but this year it has transformed into the youngest team.

NC, which failed to advance to the postseason for two consecutive years after winning the regular season-Korean Series combined championship in 2020, had frequent out-of-game storms during this period. In 2021, he suffered an away drinking incident that caused the suspension of the league, and in the last stove league, when Yang Eui-ji, the main catcher, chose to return to Doosan, he recruited Park Se-hyuk and began to build a new frame. In the meantime, the squad has gotten younger.먹튀검증

It is a fresh start as if returning to the season of joining the first team in 2013. Accompanying this fresh start, Park Se-hyeok, who received a difficult homework to cover all the young pitchers even though it was the first year of the transfer, did not hide his expectations. He has a strong desire to make up for what he lacked in batting for the past two years and to create good results with young pitchers.

Park Se-hyuk said, “When I received the ball at the camp, all of them had good speed. It’s hard to pick one, but honestly, it was a camp where I saw a lot of hopeful and positive elements. There were a lot of good pitchers that I didn’t meet when I played against them,” he said.

He said, “If someone says that the ball has improved, there are always cases where you get hurt. That’s why I try not to say such things recklessly. If you think about it, from the pitcher’s point of view, you can get hurt by overdoing it after hearing such words. I want you to be strong as you go,” he said.

It was a camp that reaffirmed the power of already proven players. Park Se-hyeok said, “Koo Chang-mo was not good at WBC, but when I saw him at the camp, the deception motion was very good, and the pitch and the first pitch were all good. Also, Song Myeong-gi is struggling very hard. I wonder if it is,” he said.

As coach Kang In-kwon put it, Park Se-hyeok also considers NC to be a team wrapped in a veil this season. He is also confident that he can overturn the expectation of being in the lower ranks. Park Se-hyuk said in a strong tone, “There is a lot of talk about being in the lower ranks, but honestly, I think an underdog miracle is possible. I’ve been to the Korean series even in one season, saying it’s difficult in Doosan. We’re not weak either.”

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