Are Korean mercenaries out of strength

On the afternoon of the 5th, four Korean drivers participated in the first round of the second round of the 2023 Chinese A-League postseason held in various parts of China with home-and-away games, and only one won.유흥알바

Bae Sang-il, a ninth grader from Yongwon Hangzhou who is participating in the playoff, defeated Tuo Jiaxi in the first round of the first round, and beat Tong Mengcheng, a eighth grader, in 189 moves in the first round of the second round. The second win by a Korean postseason driver came from Bae Sang-il’s hands.

However, Kang Dong-yoon 9 dan of the residual playoff lost to Tang Weixing 9 dan, Lee Chang-seok 9 dan to Chen Tzu-jian 8 dan, and Park Geon-ho 9 dan to Sheerhao 9 dan.

The 10 Korean mercenaries who are participating in the 2023 season have shown sluggish performance with 46.4 percent (51 wins and 59 losses) so far. The number is down sharply from 64.3 percent in the 2021 season and 56.9 percent in the 2022 season. The post-season winning rate stood at 62.6 percent last season, and is currently 20 percent this season. Shin Jin-seo and Park Jung-hwan are still on the mound, and will start in the third round (semi-final) of the championship playoff.

The postseason will be played in the first and second games of each round, and the team with a large number of individual wins will win the final game. If it is 4-4 against each other, the team’s victory or defeat will be determined based on the result of the captain’s match in the second game.

According to the regular season ranking, the first to eighth-ranked teams will play the playoffs for the championship, while the ninth to 16th-ranked teams will play the playoffs for remaining (the bottom two teams are relegated to the Group B league) on the 7th, and the second round of the second round will continue.

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