Anyone can go to the abyss… Ghana, which beat Korea in the World Cup, is on the verge of being eliminated with no win in the Nations Cup group stage

Ghana had only two draws and one loss in the group stage of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. It was once the strongest team in Africa, and it beat Korea in the World Cup about a year ago, but it is hard to tell who will collapse the Cup of Nations.월카지노

Ghana, which played its third Group B match of the Nations Cup at Alessan Wattara Stadium in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on the 23rd (Korea time), only drew 2-2 with Mozambique.

Ghana ended its group stage with two draws and one loss. Ghana opened the tournament with a shock 1-2 loss to Cabo Verde in its first match. They then kept their hopes alive with a 2-2 draw with powerhouse Egypt, but they missed another victory in their last match against underdog Mozambique.

Egypt survived thanks to Ghana’s sluggish performance. Cabo Verde, who started the tournament with two wins and one draw to top the group, is at the top of the group. Egypt, the runner-up of the last tournament, had a sluggish performance of 3 mura amid the absence of ace Mohamed Salah, but it beat Ghana and took second place in the group.

Ghana is third in the group with two draws and one loss. The Nations Cup has 24 teams, just like the Asian Cup, which is underway at the same time, so four of the six teams ranked third in each group can join the round of 16 in order of performance. The possibility of two draws and one loss is very slim, but it is not entirely absent. This is the same situation as China, which ranked third in Group A with two draws and one loss at the Asian Cup.

Ghana is a team that showed competitiveness with a 3-2 victory over South Korea at the end of 2022 at the Qatar World Cup. Although it failed to advance to the round of 16 by losing to South Korea, which showed a great last-minute comeback, the devastating attack was also noticeable at the time.

At that time, he still maintained a lot of power. One of the core players was Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey. Among the 13 players, half of them play in the five major leagues. Notably, West Ham United striker Mohammed Kudus and Athletic Bilbao striker Inaki Williams have grown significantly since the match against Korea at the World Cup. Kudus is drawing attention by scoring 10 goals including a cup match with the English Premier League. Williams is a player who leads Bilbao’s team to the semifinals by scoring eight goals and three assists in the Spanish La Liga.

However, in the group stage, Kudus scored two goals and lived up to his name, while Williams was mainly used as a substitute and had little power.

It was true that Ghana was not very powerful in the Nations Cup. Although he won the tournament four times in the early days, two runner-ups were his best achievements in the 21st century. Still, his performance was on the decline due to the elimination of the round of 16 in 2019 and the group stage in 2021, after a period when he had lost face as a representative powerhouse in Africa by achieving the semifinals or more six times. Due to the big league performances of major players, the possibility of reviving this tournament was often discussed, but he could not easily shake off his sluggish performance.

In Group A, Ivory Coast, the host country of European leagues, fell to third place in the group. Anyone can fall to this tournament.

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