Already on the verge of hardship and resignation… ‘Two command towers’ walking on thin ice

It is truly a thin ice sheet. It has barely been a month since the start of the new season, but there are already talks of resignation or resignation of some of the head coaches. The two representatives of the K-League are Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon Samsung commanders.

Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik (47) has only won 1 win (1 draw and 3 losses) in the opening 5 games. It is the worst performance in that it is a team that has been selected as a strong candidate for the championship along with Ulsan Hyundai every season with national team-level power.메이저사이트

Above all, there are many fans who are greatly disappointed with the performance itself on the pitch. Fan spirit is boiling with the addition of the club and the coaching staff and the controversy over ‘disconnection’. All eyes are on director Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byeong-gil.

The anger of the fans is by no means due to the sluggishness in the beginning of the season. Already last year, a truck protest with messages such as Kim’s resignation and front desk reform was held in front of Hyundai Motor Company’s headquarters in Seoul. At the stadium, coach Kim also conveyed his apology to the fans with a loudspeaker. It seems that the anger that had been built up before exploded in conjunction with the sluggishness in the beginning.

In the home game against Pohang Steelers on the 1st, a gag was caught criticizing CEO Heo Byung-gil and coach Kim, and fans refused to cheer, and fans blocked the club bus right after the 1-2 come-from-behind loss and confronted them for two hours. An unusual apology in the name of the CEO has been posted, but it is not enough to appease the fans.

A similar atmosphere is also detected in Suwon. Lee Byung-geun (50) Suwon coach faced a major crisis from his first season last year. It finished 10th in the regular league and fell to the promotion playoffs (PO). Suwon fans were shocked.

Although they managed to remain, fans’ expectations of a ‘rebound’ this season are being shattered due to the record of 11th place in the league without a win in 5 matches (2 draws, 3 losses). There were also fans who blocked the club bus and denounced manager Lee.

In the home game against Gangwon FC on the 2nd, Suwon fans expressed dissatisfaction with a cheering boycott. On the day of the front desk and the club, the criticism of the line took place instead. Even in the midst of this, Suwon failed to report a victory by drawing against Gangwon. 

Both command towers were driven to the brink. Both Kim and Lee always emphasize ‘responsibility’ as command towers. It is a promise that he will accept hardship or resignation if he fails to prepare a foothold for a rebound. Looking back at the trend from last season, it is unclear whether it can be reversed at once. 

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