All coaches mobilized ‘bullpen area crowded’, what happened to Doosan camp 

10 am on the 4th. The Doosan spring camp bullpen field has become crowded. A scene was created where all the coaching staff, from the head coach to the head coach and hitting coach, gathered. For what reason?

On the 4th, the second bullpen pitching was held at Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia.

Former pitching coach Lee Seung-yeop, head coach Kim Han-soo, Koji Goto batting coach, Jung Jae-hoon, and Park Jeong-bae pitching coaches all gathered for the pitching team.

This was because it was the day when two foreign pitchers pitched in the bullpen.

It is the day when 20-win aces, Raul Alcantara and Dylan Pyle, gather for the first time to the coaching staff and teammates. 스포츠토토

It was to check how much Alcantara would have changed after going back to Japan, and how much Dylan would show.

Head coach Kim Han-soo said, “I came to see foreign players because they were doing their first bullpen pitching.”

Yang Eui-ji, Alcantara, and Dylan worked together as a battery with Jang Seung-hyun.

Yang Eui-ji and Jang Seung-hyeon both uttered “very good, good pitching, good”. Coach Park Jung-bae, who was watching from the sidelines, even clapped.

Alcantara threw 23 pitches, a mix of fastballs and forkballs. Dylan threw 25 pitches.

After pitching, Alcantara looked back and said, “It was my first bullpen, and the feel, feel, and location were good. Today, I threw around 50-55%.”

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “I only saw good things because it was the first turn. Dylan was fast and had good control. He seems like a good pitcher. There was no big difference from the video. Both players are healthy, so I think we should focus on that part.”

Regarding Alcantara, who experienced the same Japanese baseball, “I don’t think the Japanese experience will be negative. Just looking at Pirella (Samsung), isn’t it? It is true that Japanese baseball is ahead in terms of details. He will come.” He looked at him happily.

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