AI decides strike… ‘Contrast’ in the age of robot judgment

Dissatisfaction with strikes and ball decisions is not the story of yesterday or today.
In order to increase the accuracy of the judgment, ‘robot referee’ was introduced to high school baseball, but unexpected results were also obtained.
Reporter Kim Han-jun covered the story.

When the ball deep in the body is judged to be a strike, he shakes his head and leaves the plate.

They may break their bats in excitement at a call, or leave their bats on the plate in protest.

As a solution to this strike zone conflict, robot referees were first introduced in high school baseball.

When the pitcher throws the ball through the zone, the umpire immediately declares a strike, but this judgment is not made by the umpire.

The result judged by the robot was heard through the receiver and earphones worn by the robot, and the referee only delivered it.

▶ Interview (☎): Park Yoo-na / Team leader of robot referee operation company
– “We collect images from 3 cameras installed at the stadium and produce tracking data. At the same time as tracking, (strike) beeps can be heard in the referee’s ears…”안전놀이터

It is evaluated as a new technology that can eliminate distrust in judgment, but there are also points to be supplemented.

▶ Standing: Kim Han-joon / Reporter
Robot referees are not yet perfect, and the number of walks is rapidly increasing as judges’ discretionary judgments have disappeared.”

In fact, in one game earlier this week, 39 walks, the highest ever in high school baseball, came out, and the organizers also expanded the strike criteria again to reduce side effects.

It is analyzed that if soft landing is successful by bridging the gap between the machine and the field, robot referees will be seen in professional baseball in a few years.

This is MBN News Kim Han-jun.

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