AG national team third baseman competition, Noh Si-hwan vs Moon Bo-kyung… ‘10% batting average’ Han Dong-hee is eliminated

The Hangzhou Asian Games national team consists of players under the age of 25. The third base position is expected to be the most competitive. Roh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha), Moon Bo-gyeong (23, LG), and Han Dong-hee (24, Lotte) are considered candidates.

Han Dong-hee joined Lotte in the 1st nomination in 2018, Noh Si-hwan joined Hanwha in the 2nd 1st round (3rd overall) in 2019, and Moon Bo-kyung joined LG in the 2nd 3rd round (25th overall) in 2019.

Currently, Noh Si-hwan’s grades are the best. Roh Si-hwan, who lost a home run last year due to his fear of striking out and failed to gain accuracy, returned this year with a confident swing. In 19 games he played mainly as a third hitter, he has a batting average of . 881 with an OPS of . It is a pity that the batting average in scoring position is 10,3 and 6 li. There are 3 defensive errors.안전놀이터

In 20 games, Moon Bo-gyeong recorded a batting average of .296, 1 ​​home run, 15 RBIs, and 15 runs, an OPS of .818. Last year, he played his first full-time season and hit 3.5 Lee (7th in the league) with 9 homers and an OPS of .833, and he is showing decent hitting this year as well. 5 defensive errors.

Roh Si-hwan and Moon Bo-kyung faced each other in a three-game series between LG and Hanwha last weekend in Daejeon. The two players, who played as third basemen side by side, were sluggish with 2 hits in 11 at-bats (batting average of .182) in the same three-game series.

In March and April of last year, Han Dong-hee exploded with a batting average of .427 (38 hits in 89 at-bats), 7 homers and 22 RBIs. However, he slumped this year with a batting average of 1.5 (9-for-60), 2 homers, 8 RBIs and an OPS of .513. It is 63rd out of 64 regulation plate appearances. Rarely does the bat come alive.

Moon Bo-kyung said, “Rather than caring about others, I have to do well with myself. If you do well, the result will follow on its own, so I don’t want to be too greedy. I want to think only of myself as I always do,” he said.

Will we be interested in the results of Noh Si-hwan and Han Dong-hee after the game? Moon Bo-kyung said, “I don’t see it. I don’t even look at my grades,” she said.

There is a reason. It’s because it doesn’t work well if you pay attention to the grades. Moon Bo-kyung said, “If you try to keep the record, it doesn’t work anymore. At the end of last year, I got greedy for the 30%, and when I thought about hitting the 30%, I became more passive and didn’t get any results. After that, I didn’t look at my grades, and I thought if I hit it, I hit it, and if I can’t hit it, I think I can’t hit it. Taking that as a lesson, this year, I don’t really set goals, and I don’t care about grades.”

Moon Bo-kyung is competing not only for third baseman, but also for the national team within the LG team. A maximum of 3 players from each club can compete as the Asian Games national team. Last year’s save king Woo-seok Ko, last year’s hold king Jung Woo-young, bullpen pitcher Lee Jeong-yong, and promising player Lee Jae-won, who will return from injury, are aiming to enter the Asian Games.

Moon Bo-kyung said, “The players don’t talk about the Asian Games. First of all, the Asian Games are in September, and before that, we are LG players, so I think the first thing to do is to focus only on our team winning.”

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