Additional explanation of KFA for ‘surprise amnesty for 100 people’, “disclosure of the list is defamation”

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) issued a ‘surprise pardon’ for 100 soccer players who were being disciplined at the board of directors. The backlash was fierce. Many of those who shook the foundation of the Korean soccer world with match-fixing in the past have been included in the list of pardons.

KFA once again issued an explanation as criticism intensified. The following is what the KFA announced on its website on the 29th around 9:00 pm.

[Q/A] Regarding the decision to pardon footballers of the Korea Football Association Board of Directors

held on the 28th, there was an amnesty for 100 footballers who were being disciplined at the Korea Football Association’s board of directors. We know that there are many people who are expressing concerns about this pardon.

Therefore, we will explain the background and additional information if you buy it as follows, hope it will be helpful for your understanding.

Q: What is the purpose and background of the amnesty? 온라인카지노

A: KFA celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. Last year, we reached the 10th FIFA World Cup in a row and advanced to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. At the point of celebrating brilliant achievements and making a fresh start for a new challenge, KFA has been contemplating measures to unify the football world.

Requests for mitigation of disciplinary actions have been coming from soccer players for several years. KFA decided to reflect the opinions of the field for the great unification of the football world. This amnesty has the purpose of granting a chance to recover to those who have been disciplined for a long time and have had sufficient reflection.

Q: How were the beneficiaries selected for pardon?

A: This pardon is based on the exercise of the pardon right, which is the exclusive authority of the president of the Korea Football Association, as stipulated in Article 24 of the Fair Commission Regulations. However, in order to prevent ‘voluntary exercise of the right to pardon’, the KFA Fair Committee Regulations Article 23 related to mitigation of disciplinary action was used as a criterion in selecting pardon subjects.

In case of expulsion, 7 years from the date of disciplinary effect, in the case of indefinite suspension of qualifications or suspension from participation for an indefinite period, 5 years from the date of effect of disciplinary effect, in case of suspension of qualifications or participation for a limited period, at least half of the period of disciplinary action, respectively Those who have passed are subject to pardon review, but sexual misconduct such as sexual violence or sexual harassment is excluded, and even in the case of match-fixing, those who have a high degree of misconduct and are difficult to see that sufficient reflection have been made are excluded from the pardon.

Q: Considering the ripple effect of match fixing, there are many points out that pardoning them is not appropriate.

A: Match-fixing is a criminal act that undermines the spirit of sports and cannot be tolerated, and KFA has maintained a zero-tolerance policy so far. The KFA’s will can also be seen in the case where it successfully appealed against the ruling of the first trial that the KFA’s punishment was unfair in connection with the match-fixing case of the high school national tournament that occurred a few years ago.

It has been a long time since 48 of the participants in the pardon were sentenced to fines, suspended sentences, and imprisonment for 1 to 2 years. In addition, 27 of them reported that the degree of participation in match-fixing was relatively weak in the 2013 professional league, and suggested a reduction in disciplinary action to the association, but the association’s board of directors rejected the confirmation.

After long consideration, KFA determined that they had already been punished by the state, and that they had been disciplined for a long time and had a lot of self-reflection. Now, 10 years after the first disciplinary reduction proposal was raised, it is virtually difficult for them to return as players and leaders in the professional soccer field, unlike then. However, please understand the decision to give them another chance to contribute to the development of Korean football. In addition, in the case of expulsion, which is the standard for this pardon, they met the 7-year partial requirement from the date of disciplinary effect.

The KFA will keep a close eye on the pardon so that you do not get misunderstood that the basic position on match fixing has changed even a little. We are preventing and supervising match fixing so that there are no problems at all soccer sites, and we will do it more thoroughly in the future.

Q: Is it possible for the pardoned person to act as a leader, referee, or official?

A: KFA’s disciplinary amnesty has the same effect as changing the disciplinary suspension from the original disciplinary start date to the final date of this amnesty in the case of expulsion or indefinite suspension of qualification. In the case of those who have been suspended for a long time, the disciplinary action will end on the date of confirmation of this pardon. Just as there was no discipline from the beginning, the ‘lottery’ in which all rights are restored has not been made. Accordingly, in accordance with the KFA registration regulations and the Korean Olympic Committee regulations below, despite the amnesty, match-fixing disciplined persons are subject to the following restrictions.

[Korea Football Association Registration Regulations]

Article 34 (Registration of coaches and players in charge of management) ② Those who fall under any of the following subparagraphs

cannot register. A person who has been subject to a disciplinary action of

suspension of qualification for more than one year. go. Violence/sexual violence b. Match fixing . biased judgment a. Embezzlement and breach of trust [Regulations on registration of athletes of the Korea Olympic Committee] Article 14 (Registration disqualification, etc.) ② A person who falls under any of the following subparagraphs cannot be registered as a coach, referee, or athlete manager. 13. A person who has been subject to a disciplinary action of 1 year or longer suspension of qualifications for any of the following reasons from an organization related to the sports association. go. Violence/sexual violence b. Match fixing . biased judgment a. Embezzlement / breach of trust

Since the above KFA registration regulations apply to all coaches and players registered with the KFA, it is virtually impossible for those subject to amnesty to act as coaches, referees, and player management personnel. In addition, the final decision will be made after reviewing the Korean Olympic Committee and regulations.

This is also true for those who have been subject to disciplinary action for more than one year of suspension of qualifications for reasons such as violence, embezzlement, and breach of trust.

* If a pardon is given to a person who has been expelled or who has been suspended for an indefinite period, it is managed as having been suspended for the period of disciplinary action.

Q: When does a disciplinary pardon take effect?

A: After reporting the result of the pardon to the Korea Sports Council, the pardon will take effect at the same time as individual notification to the parties concerned.

Q: On the day of the game against Uruguay, was the sudden announcement right before the match intentional?

A: KFA should hold its board of directors on a date when as many directors as possible can gather in order to achieve board membership. In the meantime, when an A match is held in Seoul and the metropolitan area every year, the board of directors has held several times at the stadium.

Please understand that the press release was distributed immediately after the board of directors in order to deliver the facts as quickly as possible when the board of directors resolution had already been made, and in this process, it was inevitably delivered before the start of the game against Uruguay.

Q: Is it impossible to disclose the full list of those eligible for pardon?

A: KFA does not disclose the list of those subject to disciplinary action when announcing the results of the Fair Committee. In this situation, disclosing the list of persons subject to pardon is announcing the fact of disciplinary action, which may violate the Personal Information Protection Act and cause defamation.

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