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KIA has filled the mound. Lim Ki-young (31) and Lee Eui-ri (22) who were injured returned together.

KIA excluded left-hander Kwak Do-gyu from the entry on the 27th. Kwak Do-gyu, in his second year, is playing as a must-win pitcher for the first time this year. In 29 games, he pitched 22.2 innings and recorded one win, one loss and seven holds. Immediately after the opening, Kwak Do-gyu played a significant role as he entered the position of the core bullpen, where Lim Ki-young left due to injury. As it is the first time in a full-time season, KIA excluded the entry to give him a break due to his recent weakness in ball speed. Kwak is scheduled to return in 10 days.메이저놀이터

Lim Ki-young has been rehabilitated after being diagnosed with micro-damage to his internal oblique muscles last time he took the mound against Doosan on March 29, just a week after the opening. He took the mound against Samsung in the Futures League on the 23rd and returned after completing the inspection by pitching four innings of one hit, two walks and no runs.

At a match against LG on April 10, Lee had to leave the mound early due to elbow injury. He has since been diagnosed with a sprained flexor muscle in his elbow and has been rehabilitating. He returned to the mound in seven weeks, longer than expected. Lee also took the mound once in the Futures League. He allowed four hits and one run in two innings against Samsung’s second division on Tuesday. Since he has no problem with his elbow, he has decided not to take the mound in actual games and join the first division.

Kia plans to appoint Lim Ki-young as its starting pitcher after foreign pitcher Will Crow also left the mound due to injury. Hwang Dong-ha, who started as a substitute, has continued to display stellar pitching lately, and Lee will return at the same time. In response, Lim has been registered as Kwak Do-gyu’s starting pitcher. He will wait for the bullpen session from Friday, but chances are high that he will take the mound as the second pitcher between Tuesday and Thursday.

“I’m thinking about sticking it behind me or Hwang Dong-ha,” Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho said. Lee threw 50 pitches in the Futures League games. Since Lee has yet to complete his pitching capacity as a starting pitcher, Lim Ki-young can take the mound after the starting pitcher and allow him two to three innings. Depending on the circumstances of the game, he could take the mound behind Hwang Dong-ha, who is currently playing as a fifth starter.

However, various players have been active in different positions, filling the gap well, and maintaining the No. 1 position. The mound was also considered a big crisis as Lim Ki-young, the core of the bullpen, was injured right after the opening, but rookie Kwak Do-gyu appeared and played a big role. Now that Kwak Do-gyu is away for a while to recharge, Lim Ki-young will return to keep the bullpen stronger. When Kwak Do-gyu returns from a break, the bullpen becomes stronger. Lee Eui-ri joined the starting pitcher, allowing him not to worry about rotation.

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