A role model who left with one word, “Be the catcher that pitchers like,” sparked the hearts of high school graduate catcher

Kiwoom Heroes sent its main catcher Lee Ji-young (38) to the SSG Landers this winter. Lee Ji-young, who qualified as an FA, will wear the SSG uniform through sign-and-trade. With Lee Ji-young’s departure, who has kept her home turf since 2019, Kiwoom will hold an audition for the main catcher from this spring training. There are many promising catchers, but it is true that Kim Dong-heon (20) is the best.

After graduating from Chungam High School, Kim joined the burgundy team by ranking 12th overall in the second round in the 2023 draft. Kim has ample experience since his debut season. He played in 100 games as a catcher, and was in charge of 522 innings in defense innings. He pitched in the most defense innings among Kiwoom catchers last year. He has displayed good performance in bat games as well. In 102 games, he had two homers, 17 RBIs, 22 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.242 (51 hits from 211 times at bat) and posted an on-base hit ratio of 0.313 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) of 0.631.

He also wore the national flag. Kim Dong-heon, who was selected for the Korean national baseball team at the Hangzhou Asian Games, gained experience in international competitions. He enjoyed the honor of winning the gold medal and was granted exemption from the military service. Now he can continue his career without interruption.라바카지노

Kim spent a busy winter, leaving behind 2023 when he was full of good things. He is preparing for this season with the Futures team amid consideration from the team. “I changed my batting posture during the offseason. I have to adapt to the new system quickly, so I practiced a lot of defense,” Kim said.

He is a catcher, but his batting ability is also important. Kim modified his batting posture a little to achieve better results. “When I stood at the batter’s box, I slightly raised my posture. When I was in a low position, I showed weakness in my high ball. And I was not good at coping with balls on my body, but I improved a little by raising my posture. I used to hit without a rhythm last year, but I will try to add a rhythm this year. I am constantly trying to find the most comfortable posture,” Kim said.

We need to supplement our defense.” “We had a lot of minor errors in the early part of the season. We improved a lot during the game, but we need to improve our defense,” Kim said. “Now that we are not rookies, we need to make fewer mistakes. We need to always show good performance. We need to do two and three times better than last year. My goal is to become the main catcher. We need to display performance that matches our goal.”

Lee Ji-young’s advice was also engraved in his heart. “We had a group get-together after the last regular season game last year. Back then, Lee advised me to become a catcher that pitchers like. That was the most memorable moment. As Lee said, I wanted to become the catcher that pitchers want.”

Kim Dong-hun, who is officially entering the race to become a starting member, said, “I am not sure if I have become a starting member yet. I have so many good catchers in my team. There is only one starting member catcher in the first division. To win the home turf, I need to work harder and have superior skills. I have no choice but to prepare more.”

Lastly, Kim Dong-heon said, “The team should perform better than last year. To do that, I think I should do well as a catcher. I didn’t get sick last season, but I want to play a full-time season without any injuries this year. I want to show more improvement to the Heroes fans.”

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