A poetry celebration event that satisfied Seoul, Youngwoong Lim, Guardian God, and Heroic Age

 ‘Lim Young-woong Sichuk’ was truly a great success.

FC Seoul won 3-0 against Daegu FC in the 6th round of the Lin ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 8th. With this, Seoul jumped to second place with 4 wins and 2 losses (12 points).

A surprise guest came to the game that day. It is Lim Young-woong, the ‘national singer’. Many spectators came to the stadium to see Lim Young-woong. Seoul’s official tally of spectators totaled 45,007.온라인카지노

Two hours before the start of the match, many spectators gathered in Sangam. It was similar to the atmosphere ahead of an A match. The Football Fantasia, where you can see Lim Young-woong’s signed uniform, was also crowded. Fans left memories by taking pictures in front of the signed uniforms.

Right before the game started, Lim Young-woong appeared on the ground. Many fans stood up to see him. Lim Young-woong left a greeting saying, “Please continue to love the K-League and will always support FC Seoul. Thank you for coming to this place in the Heroic Age. Good luck~”.

After that, he immediately proceeded with the time axis. Lim Young-woong is a singer with enough soccer skills to join a soccer club and play soccer as a hobby. He confidently kicked the ball with his left foot and even sent the ball to Seoul’s defensive line at the event. Afterwards, he also took a commemorative photo with Ki Sung-yong and Hwang Eui-jo.

The guardian deity also welcomed Lim Young-woong’s visit to Sangam. The Guardian God welcomed them with a banner that said, “The hero who accompanies Seoul is the Guardian God.” Also, on the 3rd floor, a banner read “If you are with a hero, if you are with a guardian spirit” was hung. Young-woong Lim performed at halftime, sang, and danced.

Seoul truly held a party amid the cheers of Lim Young-woong and the Heroic Age. Seoul took the lead with Hwang Eui-jo’s penalty kick (PK) in the 11th minute, and Na Sang-ho scored an additional goal in the 33rd minute. It didn’t stop here. In the 41st minute of the first half, Palošević scored from a picturesque free kick and scored three goals in the first half alone, eventually winning 3-0.

It was impressive to see Lim Young-woong cheering every time he scored and holding a ceremony together with Seoul’s goal. Contrary to concerns on this day, fans of Heroic Age respected the culture of the soccer field by watching the game until the end. When Seoul scored a goal, they cheered together and clapped to the sound of cheering. They also cheered for surfing and enjoyed the soccer field culture.

Even after the match, he showed his manners. An official from Seoul said, “People from the Heroic Age cleaned up the seats and left.”

The guardian deity also expressed their gratitude. After the game, Guardian God applauded through the official SNS, saying, “I will cherish the great fandom consciousness shown by singer Lim Young-woong and the heroes of the era. I will wait for another good opportunity to be together.”

After the game, coach Ahn Ik-soo said, “Thank you for the many fans who came to see us. Thank you for the players showing us with their passion. I also thank Young-woong Lim for making this atmosphere possible.” turned it into their ball.

Young-woong Lim’s Sichuk was an event that satisfied Seoul, Young-woong Lim, Guardian Gods, and the Age of Heroes.

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