a foot fight that heats up in a sober brain fight

On the 27th, Kia Kim Do-young, who was at second base with one out in the top of the seventh inning against KIA-LG in Jamsil, recorded the first stealer of the season while playing third base. LG pitcher Kim Yoo-young, a left-hander who has difficulty keeping the runner on second base in view. Kim Yoo-young, who held the ball for half a beat more in the set position, turned his attention to catcher Park Dong-won’s signature and caught Kim Do-young with a throw to the third base. Kim Do-young, who stole second base twice in the first and third innings on this day alone, also failed to occupy the base, although he made a close timing for stealing third base in the seventh inning.메이저놀이터

In the first inning of the game, LG’s Park Hae-min hit a right-handed hit as the leadoff hitter, got on base, and was caught by KIA starter Hwang Dong-ha’s check ball. Park has been leading the league with 20 stolen bases this season. There is only one stealer. On the day, he was caught in a double whammy when he tried to turn to the second base with the ball count 0-1 at Moon’s second batter’s box. Hwang was about to throw the fifth pitch when he was about to throw the fifth pitch. As if he had calculated the pitch for the fifth pitch, when he tried to move his shoulder to the second base, a check ball flew in. On the spot, Park became an “ice” player.

Park Hae-min, a traditional “football” powerhouse, is running like a “one-top” in stolen bases this season. In addition, Kim Do-young, who entered his third year as a pro baseball player, is accelerating his pace and signaling a two-top system.

This season, the fight between LG and KIA to steal bases is similar to the races of the two players.

Indeed, the race for speed will likely continue between the two teams. As of Friday, LG is ranking first overall with 55 team steals. The rate of successful stealing is also high at 78.6 percent. With Kia trailing with 45 team steals, it is also competing with 80.4 percent of the stolen base success rate.

Park Hae-min and Kim Do-young were held back once in the Jamsil showdown on the 27th because it was a game between teams that knew how to run. Teams that play are also sensitive to reading the timing of the opponent’s run. The scene where Kim Do-young’s stealer and Park Hae-min’s checker appeared were all the result of seeing the runner’s movement through a head fight, not a speed fight.

The “baseball war” between the two teams is likely to get hotter and hotter. It is highly likely that the two teams’ game patterns, in which playing is another “weapon,” will be differentiated from other matches.

On Tuesday’s game, Kia appeared to calculate the slide step of LG’s starting pitcher Ence, and recorded four stolen bases only while Ence was guarding the mound. LG, whose “running baseball” itself is oriented towards the team, also countered with two stolen bases. On Friday, LG continued to run with four stolen bases and KIA with three stolen bases.

In this season, base enlargement (3-inch) will be applied to widen the access road for runners who steal bases. With early signs indicating that it will be advantageous for baseball players, the two teams are making the most of the new environment in the league.

Not all 10 clubs are running excitedly. Hanwha, which has fewer fast-paced players, still has only eight team steals. Kiwoom also has fewer than nine.

LG is attempting to establish a dynasty as the defending champion. Kia is currently in the process of being selected as a candidate for the title this season. Prior to the season, many major experts predicted that the two teams would be likely partners to meet in the Korean Series this season.

In addition to Park Hae-min, LG has “baseball specialist” Choi Seung-min among other resources that have been recognized for their competitiveness in stealing bases including Shin Min-jae and Oh Ji-hwan. Besides Kim Do-young, Kia also has “high-speed trio” including Park Chan-ho and Choi Won-joon. Chances are high that the foot fight between the two teams that started in spring will continue until late fall.

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