A far-off victory despite joining the ‘National Libero’… Pepper desperately needs a striker to support foreigners

Reporter Kwon Hyeok-joon = ‘National Libero’ Oh Ji-young (35) was given an emergency blood transfusion to strengthen the defense, but Pepper Savings Bank’s competitiveness is still far behind. In particular, it is a pity that the performance of a domestic striker to support foreign player Nia Reed is a pity. At this rate, it is inevitable to record the lowest win rate in the V-League ‘disgrace’ again.

Pepper Savings Bank lost 1-3 (20-25 28-26 18-25 13-25) in the match against KGC Ginseng Corporation in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 19th.

The season record is 1 win and 21 losses (4 points), overwhelmingly at the bottom.

Pepper Savings Bank caught Korea Expressway Corporation on December 31, the last day of last year, and won its first thrilling victory after 17 consecutive losses, but lost all four games in 2023 and fell into a losing streak again.

Pepper Savings Bank, which recruited Oh Ji-young as a libero from GS Caltex at the end of last month, has definitely found stability in the defense. With Oh Ji-young backing up with receive and dig, setter Lee Go-eun, Lee Han-bi, and Park Kyung-hyeon also increased their defensive contributions. This is why it has become rare for players to easily lose a set while losing consecutive runs.

The problem is the attack. Opposite spiker Nia Reid is playing an active role in every game, ranking 4th in league scoring, but there is a lack of support from domestic players who need to give 2nd and 3rd options.

As a result, the attack share against Nia Reed is inevitably increased, and the success rate of attacks such as Bumsil decreases due to physical problems in the later stages of the game. The opposing team is also intensively checking Nia Reed, making it an even more difficult fight.

Currently, the outside hitters who will support Nia Reed are captain Lee Han-bi, Park Eun-seo, and Park Kyung-hyun. Lee Han-bi is struggling, but it is true that he lacks competitiveness compared to other teams.

To make matters worse, Pepper Savings Bank has suffered from a number of players suffering from injuries this season. Prior to the season, outside hitter Ji Min-kyung was out due to a knee injury, and middle blocker Ha Hye-jin suffered a right shoulder injury after being called up to the national team and was out for the season. 카지노사이트

Yeom Er-Hung, the tallest player in Korea, who was selected as the first pick in the rookie draft, also ended the season due to knee surgery, and middle blockers Seo Chae-won and Choi Ga-eun are also playing with injuries.

With no livelihood and even injured people one after another, there is no ability to hold on. As of now, there is no sharp alternative, so it seems highly likely that the remaining season will continue to be a time of hardship.

At this rate, it is difficult to avoid the disgrace of the lowest win rate in the V-League. Pepper Savings Bank’s current win rate is 0.045, which is lower than the lowest ever win rate of 0.067 (2 wins and 28 losses, respectively) recorded by V-League Men’s Managing Director (2006-07) and KEPCO (now KEPCO, 2012-13).

In the women’s division, Pepper’s record of last season was 0.097 (3 wins and 28 losses), which is the lowest win rate, but it seems highly likely that this will be changed again at present.

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