A driver that adds speed to light swings

What is the driver that gives a golfer with a slow head speed a longer distance? Force is mass times acceleration. Golfers who have enough power to swing the club quickly, especially on the PGA Tour, already generate a tremendous amount of acceleration, so there is no need to lighten the mass of the club to generate more power. However, golfers with slower club speeds may need additional elements to maximize the force delivered to the golf ball.

Golfers with slower club speeds who want more distance should try a slightly longer driver length and lighter weight driver. Using a longer, lighter driver not only increases ball speed and launch angle, but can also increase the speed at which the clubhead closes, making it easier to create draw pitches (or at least reduce slices).크크크벳

Many golfers are concerned that using a long, light driver will reduce their hit rate and lead to bad direction. However, if the driving distance of golfers who are not able to attack the course is increased due to the short drive distance, there is a possibility that a slight loss of direction may not have a significant effect on the overall score. Let’s remember that golfers with short distances are also less likely to fly OB.

The best way to determine if a lightweight driver is right for you is to test a variety of clubs with a club fitter. If the time has come for club changes to increase flight distance, don’t hesitate to test the clubs we are introducing. 

① Xexio 12
Club Weight 285g, Xexio 12 with a length of 45.5 inches uses an active wing that uses air flow to create a stable trajectory and high head speed, and rebound frame technology that creates spring-like power to improve distance performance.

②Yamaha Inpress Drive Star
279g, 45.5-inch Inpress Drive Star has a box structure around the face inside the head, which increases rigidity at impact to suppress energy loss and realize longer flight distance.

③ Callaway Great Big Bertha
The Great Big Bertha driver weighs 285g and is 45.5 inches long. It is about 20g lighter than the Rogue ST Max driver, making it an ideal choice for golfers who want to increase their swing speed. It combines a lightweight triaxial carbon crown with a forged carbon sole for increased forgiveness.

④Ping G430 HL MAX
With a total weight of 277g and a length of 46 inches with a lightweight shaft and lightweight head design, the G430 HL has a MAX model with high forgiveness and a SFT model that prevents slices with a draw ball design. Equipped with a premium ultra-light shaft, it provides maximum distance even with a light swing.

⑤Titleist TSR1
Specialized for golfers with a swing speed of 90 mph (40.2 m/s) or less, the TSR1 driver focuses on providing maximum speed, distance, and optimal launch with an ultra-light design, improved aerodynamics, and a strategically placed center of gravity. did.

⑥Cobra Air X
The AirX driver weighs 277g and has a length of 46 inches, and uses premium lightweight carbon material for a lightweight design like the model name. The aerodynamic structure is improved to create a faster swing speed, and weight is added near the heel to prevent slices.

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