‘4125 billion men’ pitcher with four wins in Japan, why is the Dodgers official announcement delayed… ‘There’s a reason’ LA media

Why hasn’t the Los Angeles Dodgers officially announced the contract with Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25).

Japanese media FullCount reported on Monday, “Five days have passed since Yamamoto’s contract with the Dodgers was reported. Why is it not officially announced?”월카지노

“The U.S. media reported on the 22nd that Yamamoto, who challenged the Major League with posting, agreed to a contract with the Dodgers. The details of the 12-year contract of $325 million were introduced, but the official announcement of the club has not yet been made. The background that takes time is the “dilemma” of the club, which has many influential players,” he said.

The U.S. media reported Yamamoto’s trip to the Dodgers on the 22nd (Korean time). ESPN’s Jeff Bankruptcy said the Dodgers signed Yamamoto for 12 years and $325 million (about 4125 billion won).

Both the contract period and the amount were the highest ever for a pitcher in the Major League Baseball. Yamamoto, who has yet to throw a single ball in the Major League, surpassed Gerrit Cole’s nine-year, 324 million-dollar contract with the New York Yankees ahead of the 2020 season.

However, the Dodgers has yet to make an official announcement. It is a little different from Shohei Ohtani’s. Ohtani said on his SNS that he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 10th. “I apologize to my fans and everyone in the baseball community for the delay in my decision. I have decided to choose the Los Angeles Dodgers,” Ohtani said.

Ohtani signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers. It is the biggest contract in the entire world as well as the highest ever in North American professional sports. Since then, Ohtani’s contract does not include opt-out, and he has made an extraordinary 680 million dollar deferral contract to ease the Dodgers’ financial burden.

The Dodgers included Ohtani in the 40-man roster on the 12th, and Ohtani held a spectacular joining ceremony at Dodger Stadium on the 15th.

Neither Yamamoto’s official announcement nor the date of his joining ceremony has been decided yet. This is because there is still a matter of changing the 40-man roster. “The Dodgers did not officially announce its joining conference after Yamamoto agreed to sign a contract with the Dodgers on Tuesday,” Dodger Nation, which specializes in Dodgers news, said. “When Yamamoto makes an official announcement, the Dodgers should also announce the change of the 40-man roster.”

The Dodgers has no vacancy on its 40-member roster as of Tuesday. To add Yamamoto, someone must be assigned to the team. “Even after medical checkups, the Dodgers, which has 40 members, must take this measure to announce the recruitment of Yamamoto,” the full-counted team said. “Atlanta, which has a strong player base like the Dodgers, sent five players to the team in an offseason trade and released them. The team has a huge problem.”

Yamamoto, who plays for the Orix Buffaloes and is considered the best pitcher in the Japanese professional baseball league, officially made his Major League challenge through posting after the Japan Series ended in early November. The Orix club applied for Yamamoto’s posting, saying, “Thanks to Yamamoto, I was able to win the Pacific League for the third consecutive year. I want to respect Yamamoto’s dream.”

Yamamoto became the first Japanese pro baseball player to win four consecutive awards for three years, and won the Sawamura Award for the second consecutive three years. Yamamoto boasts an illustrious career, winning the league MVP award for the third consecutive year. He has posted 70 wins and 29 losses with an ERA of 1.82 and 922 strikeouts in 172 games (897 innings). He played in 23 games (164 innings), 16 wins and 6 losses with an ERA of 1.23 and 169 strikeouts.

Yamamoto’s ransom was initially expected to be worth $200 million, but it soared to $300 million as most of the big market clubs, including the Dodgers, the New York Yankees, the New York Mets, the San Francisco Giants, and the Boston Red Sox, competed for recruitment.

The Dodgers beat the Yankees and the Mets for a record-high number of dollars and caught Yamamoto. The Yankees had a higher annual average of 300 million dollars for 10 years, but fell behind the Dodgers. The Mets offered the same $325 million as the Dodgers, but failed. Yamamoto chose the Dodgers with Ohtani. The Dodgers were able to invest more than $300 million in Yamamoto as Ohtani signed an all-time deferral contract, which will receive only $20 million for a 10-year contract and the remaining $680 million starting in 2034. Yamamoto recently joined Ohtani at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

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