4 Koreans + Brazil, Japan, Cameroon, Russia… Billion Prize Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals Confirmed

All eight fighters who will participate in the Road FC Global Lightweight Tournament with a prize pool of 100 million won have been confirmed.

The organization uploaded videos of the eight fighters on its official YouTube channel and Chairman Jung Moon-hong’s personal YouTube channel “Gaohyeong Life” on the 23rd.

The domestic players who will participate in the tournament were specially scouted. Kwon Asol sparred with the players on his personal YouTube channel and selected the recommended players. Of course, he didn’t talk to Road FC beforehand.

It was only on the day that Kwon started filming the players he had recommended for the seeding that he asked Chairman Jung Moon-hong for his consent. Chairman Jung Moon-hong was taken aback by the suddenness of the situation, but eventually decided to seed them through a competition.

A total of four Korean athletes were seeded. “Lightweight Champion” Park Si Won (21-Cowboy MMA) and “Featherweight Champion” Park Hae Jin (31-Kingdom MMA) were seeded early. Through Gao’s Scouters program, “Hwang In-Soo Sniper” Yoon Tae-Young (27, Team Ducking, Jeju) and “Mongolian National Boxing Team” Nandin Erden (36) were selected. Nandin Erden is seeded as a South Korean as he has been granted South Korean citizenship.

There are also four foreign fighters. Their nationalities range from Brazil, Japan, Cameroon, and Russia. The Brazilian fighter is Filipe Jeuse (31-PHUKET FIGHT CLUB), who has a record of 11 wins and 4 losses. He has excellent ground skills and a solid striking game.

The Cameroonian is Max (39-BRAVE GYM). He is the number one ranked Strawweight with a 13-9 overall record. He is good with both strikes and ground. The Japanese seeded fighter has a 1-1 record against the reigning Shooto Pacific Rim Champion Shutaro Devana (38-COBRAKAI). He is a seasoned athlete and has excellent ground skills, having won multiple wrestling and jiu-jitsu tournaments.

The final Russian fighter is Artur Solovyev (28-MFP). He doesn’t have a stellar record, with 7 wins and 6 losses, but you can’t really judge him on that. He’s so strong that he’s one of the players in the Russian MFP that players are most reluctant to play against. His strength is on the ground.안전놀이터

The lightweight seeding is now finalized, and the bantamweight seeding will be revealed on “Gaohyeong Life,” which will showcase the scouting process for domestic players.

On June 24 and 25, Road FC will host the Wonju MMA Sports Festival at the Wonju General Gymnasium. On the first day, the professional event, Gupne ROAD FC 064, will be held, and on the second day, the amateur event, Mixed Martial Arts Festival, will be held. Gupne ROAD FC 064 will feature a global quarterfinal tournament, featuring the ROAD FC bantamweight and lightweight champions.

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