‘3rd Quarter 27-15’ BNK reports first win of the season against Woori Bank… Ranking moved up to 3rd

BNK, which dominated the 3rd quarter, defeated Woori Bank.

Busan BNK met Asan Woori Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 22nd and won 72-60. BNK recorded their first win of the season against Woori Bank with the victory on this day.

The protagonists of the victory were Lee So-hee and Ahn Hye-ji. Lee So-hee scored 17 points, Ahn Hye-ji recorded 18 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds. And Kim Han-byeol scored 16 points and held the center.

1st Quarter, BNK 16-12 Woori Bank: Ahn Hye-ji, who led BNK’s offense
BNK started the game pleasantly with Kim Han-byeol and Lee So-h’s hand-off play. Afterwards, Park Hye-jin conceded, but Jinan’s mid-range jumper came out. Afterwards, Ahn Hye-ji scored a goal and even got a free throw. The free throw failed, but he grabbed an offensive rebound, which led to Lee So-hee’s 3-point shot. They took a 9-2 lead.

After that, Park Ji-hyun conceded. In addition, Kim Jong-un also gave a breakthrough score. However, Ahn Hye-ji added a 3-point shot, and Jinan also scored under the goal. It was 14-6. However, it failed to score for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds after that. On the contrary, Park Ji-hyun and Kim Jong-un gave a 3-point shot, and the score gap quickly narrowed. Ahn Hye-ji scored 33 seconds before the end of the quarter, but it was 16-12.

2nd Quarter, BNK 24-23 Woori Bank: Both teams attempted a total of 13 3-pointers, only one was successful
Early in the second quarter, neither team scored much. Because they couldn’t break through each other’s defense. In particular, Woori Bank attempted 8 3-pointers in the 2nd quarter, but all failed. BNK also tried three 3-pointers, all of which failed. Neither team scored much. In the first 4 minutes of the quarter, only 5 points were combined.

Even after that, neither team scored much. For BNK, Kim Han-byeol’s free throw and Han Um-ji’s jump shot scored, and for Woori Bank, Kim Dan-bi’s second chance score and Choi I-sam’s mid-range score were scored. Both teams scored 4 points each, and the difference remained.

Woori Bank made it 21-22 with Park Da-jung’s 3-point shot. Afterwards, in a team foul situation, he fouled Jinan and gave up a free throw. But Jinan missed all of them. There, Noh Hyun-ji’s mid-range score came out. Woori Bank reversed. However, 2 minutes and 7 seconds before the end of the quarter, Ahn Hye-ji gave up a mid-range score. He failed to score in the remaining time and failed to bring the atmosphere. 3rd Quarter, BNK 51-38 Woori Bank: BNK started with a score from

BNK Ahn Hye-ji, who succeeded in 15-2 runs and set the mood .
However, through offensive rebounds, he took the right to attack one after another. In addition, Lee So-hee and Kim Han-byul’s performance was added. Made 31-26. Park Hye-jin and Park Ji-hyun conceded points, but Han Um-ji and Kim Han-byeol scored to widen the score again. Then, Ahn Hye-ji and Han Um-ji scored additional goals, making it 40-33. Unlike the first half, it was BNK that showed sharp attack power.

Even after that, BNK’s offensive continued. Lee So-hee added a 3-point shot. After that, he added a mid-range jumper and led the team to 9-0. He conceded a goal to Kim Jong-un, but responded with a goal from Kim Han-byeol. Afterwards, Park Ji-hyun’s attacker foul led to a certain atmosphere. He gave up a 3-point shot to Kim Jong-un. However, it was BNK that had already widened the score gap. The third quarter ended with a 13-point lead. 먹튀검증

4th Quarter, BNK 72-60 Woori Bank: Kim Han-byeol, who held the center of BNK, 
both teams scored relatively late. The first goal came in 2 minutes and 14 seconds of the game. The main character was Ahn Hye-ji. She allowed a 3-point shot to Park Ji-hyun. However, Kim Han-byul responded with a 3-point shot. In addition, Jinan exerted his strength from the bottom of the goal. He scored after an offensive rebound. He even got a basket count and even made a successful free throw. It was 59-43. We did not give Woori Bank a chance to catch up. Because Kim Han-byul held the center. At the crucial moment, he added a series of mid-range jumpers and scored 15 points.

There was also a crisis. He gave Lee Sam Choi three-point shots in a row and gave the flow of pursuit. In addition, Park Da-jeong scored a free throw and Kim Dan-bi scored a post-up. However, Jinan exerted his strength from the bottom of the goal. He brought the atmosphere back through his scoring and offensive rebounds. In addition, Ahn Hye-ji scored to break the opponent’s flow, and Han Um-ji even made a 3-point shot. It was 72-57 with 52 seconds to go. Afterwards, Park Ji-hyun was allowed a 3-point shot, but it did not have a significant impact on the game. 

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