Japanese pitcher Takahisa Hayakawa (25, Rakuten Golden Eagles) showed his overwhelming strikeout ability in the Australian professional league.

Hayakawa, who is currently playing for the Perth Heat, took the mound as a starting pitcher in the first game of the doubleheader against the Brisbane Bandits on Saturday. He pitched seven full innings, allowing three hits and one run, to become the winning pitcher. He struck out 13 times in total.

He struck out the first batter in the first inning with a swing and miss, and ended it with three outs with an infield grounder and a fly ball to the outfield. He walked Mitch Nielsen, the fourth batter, in the second inning, but struck out all five to seven.월카지노

In the third inning, he struck out one out with a fly ball to the outfield, and ended the inning with three consecutive strikeouts. In the fourth inning, he struck out one and grounded out two, continuing his nine consecutive batters.

In the fifth inning, he grounded out to the second base and struck out two, allowing Taden Hall to have his first hit. He struck out swinging at first base with two outs, and ended the inning. He got a hit from leadoff hitter Willie Riley in the sixth inning, but struck out, grounded out pitchers (bunt) and struck out strikeout to prevent a loss.

He struck out two outs in the seventh inning with a 5-0 lead. He gave up a walk after two outs, and allowed Hall one run due to a left double. He finished the game with a grounder to the third base with two outs and two outs.

Hayakawa is a Waseda University graduate and left-hander who joined Rakuten as the No. 1 draft pick in 2020. In his first year since debut in 2021, he played 24 games with nine wins, seven losses and a 3.86 ERA. In 2022, the number of wins decreased to five wins, nine losses and a 3.86 ERA in 19 games, and this year, he recorded 17 games with a 6-7 record and a 3.44 ERA.

Hayakawa played for the Japanese national team at the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) in Tokyo, Japan, in late November. Hayakawa took the mound as a starting pitcher in the final group match against Australia and led the team to a 10-08 cold game victory with seven strikeouts, no hits, and perfect pitching in five innings.

He has been dispatched to Perth in the Australian League since December. Hayakawa made his first appearance in the Australian League against Canberra on January 1, but he was a bit sluggish. He became the winning pitcher by allowing seven hits, 10 strikeouts and five runs (two earned runs) during six innings.

On the 9th, he won two hits and 10 strikeouts in seven innings against Sydney, and in the first game of a doubleheader against Brisbane on the 16th, he allowed three hits, 13 strikeouts and one run in seven innings.

He garnered 12 hits, four walks, and 33 strikeouts by throwing 20 innings with an earned run average of 1.35 wins and no losses in three games. He has 14.85 strikeouts per nine innings. As a left-handed pitcher, he boasts fastballs that exceed 150 kilometers per hour.

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