3 return from DL. Pivotal outfielder, multi-infielder, hold king, left-handed 1st pick pending. Who is the call-up on the 16th? 

 The salvation army is coming to the championship candidate who fell to the last place. On the 15th, KT’s rest day, pitcher Kim Young-hyun, catcher Kang Hyeon-woo, and infielder Ryu Hyun-in were removed from the first team.

On the 16th, against the LG Twins in Jamsil, three players will be in the first team.

KT has not confirmed three people. Currently, there are four candidates for promotion to the first team, including outfielder Bae Jung-dae and infielder Jang Jun-won and pitcher Joo Kwon Jeon-joo. Everyone is a person who can help the team.

First of all, the return of Bae Jung-dae and Jang Jun-won is a welcome thing for KT. Both offense and defense can be upgraded while the other line is weakened. During the demonstration game, Bae Jeong-dae suffered a fracture in the back of his left hand due to pitching. On the 13th and 14th, he participated in the Futures League match against the Hanwha Eagles and played 3 at-bats each. He got no hits, and went on base twice with one walk and one hit to the body. Even if the battalion is not immediately helpful to the offense, it can help stabilize the defense with a wide center field defense.

Jang Joon-won, who suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in his knee last year, also recovered faster than planned and improved his game sense in the Futures League. He appeared in 7 games, batting 2.6 7 Lee (4-for-15) with 9 walks.

Joo Kwon returned from participating in the WBC as a member of the Chinese national team, and left before the opening due to elbow pain. On the 12th, for the first time in the Futures League against Hanwha, Joo Kwon, who recorded 1 hit and no run in 1 inning, played 1 inning on the 14th with no hits, 1 walk and no runs, which was not bad in terms of performance.안전놀이터

Left-handed pitcher Jeon Jeon-joo, who joined as the first choice in 2019, rehabilitated with elbow pain in the process of returning after being discharged from the military in 2021. He pitched in six games in the Futures League, posting an earned run average of 4.76 with one loss.

Since two fielders and one pitcher are missing, Bae Jeong-dae and Jang Jun-won are expected to be registered in the first team, and one of Joo-kwon and Jeon-joo Jeon will be selected.

A KT official said, “After checking the physical condition, the player to be added to the first team will be decided.”

Can KT, whose power is gradually increasing due to the return of injured players, prepare an opportunity for a reversal with these reinforcements?

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