<25> 20 wins and 15 losses, the league’s sole third place, “Let’s hold the Korean Series in Lapak!”

The rebound of the Samsung Lions is remarkable at the beginning of this season. After two consecutive wins in the opening game, the team fell into a quagmire of eight consecutive losses, and has continued to win consecutive games. It became the third team in the league to achieve the 20-win mark on Tuesday. Until Thursday’s game, the team had 20 wins and 15 losses, and its win rate was 0.571메이저놀이터

Before losing two consecutive games against Lotte, he had eight wins and two losses in the last 10 games, showing that he was a strong 破竹 with nothing to fear. The team atmosphere was close to a feast, and any team attached to it delivered a victory report. When the opposing team showed weakness, it violently rushed as if a lion was catching a prey and broke it down.

At this rate, the goal of this season is not to play in the fall baseball (to advance to the playoffs), but to even look forward to winning the regular season title. As of Thursday, there is only a three-game gap with the Kia Tigers, which ranks first as of now. Among the three consecutive games, the “Winning Series” is a basic rule. The series sweeps (three consecutive wins) are also displaying robust pitching and hitting stability.

In Daegu, where nothing is going well, the recent resurgence of Samsung baseball has been a great boost to citizens. It is called the “heart of conservatives” and drove it to the “power of the people” of the ruling party in last month’s general election, but baseball’s victory report is serving as a vitamin to life amid political bitterness due to the crushing defeat of the opposition party (Democratic Party of Korea) in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Bae (48. Self-employed), a baseball fan of Samsung, said, “I’m saying that the economy is at a rock bottom and it’s hard to go anywhere, but it’s a great pleasure to take my child to visit Lapak on the weekend,” and added, “I lost two out of three games last season, but now I’m excited to win two out of three.”

Rappak’s sweet box is now in fierce competition to get to each other. When company employees who rent a sweet box ask them to gather together in groups, it is possible to wait a long time. In addition, as more and more acquaintances ask for a day’s rental, more and more companies have set the principle to use only company members as sweet boxes.

In terms of average attendance per home & away game as of last month, Samsung had 14,978 viewers, ranking fourth after LG (16,016), KIA (15,875) and Lotte (15,123). Now Samsung fans are having more fun going to away games. Since the opening of LAPAC, Samsung has become more powerful in away games than at home.

Won Tae-in, a new generation of “blue blood ace” who succeeded Bae Young-soo during the dynasty, is currently leading the league in multiple wins with five wins. Courtesy of Samsung Lions

◆”The appearance of a blue-blooded man and a hitting hero”

Samsung has the “blue blood ace” on its mound. While Bae Young-soo played the role during the dynasty, Won Tae-in took over the baton during the dynasty’s dream to revive the dynasty. Won has been clearly an ace this season, staying with the opposing team’s batters in every game he plays.

As of Thursday, he and Kia’s starting pitcher Crow are tying for first in multiple wins in the league. He has five wins and one loss with 1.79 ERA in seven appearances. At the current pace, he could surpass 15 wins. For reference, Ahn Woo-jin (15 wins) is the only Korean pitcher who achieved 15 wins in the 2020s. Last season, LG’s Lim Chan-kyu had 14 wins.

Coach Park Jin-man also expressed his expectations on Wontae-in, saying, “The pace is not 10 wins, but 15 wins. I hope he continues to rotate in the starting rotation without injury,” adding, “Balance is fine. He is taking good care of himself.”

However, the jagged pitching of the two foreign starters (Conor Seabold and Denny Reyes) is somewhat disturbing.

In terms of batting, a hero has definitely appeared. Called Samsung’s “hit product” this season, Kim has been producing timely hits with full nutritional value in every game. He has posted a batting average of 0.303 (40 hits in 132 times at bat), eight homers and 22 RBIs until Sunday’s game. Compared with the 2022 and 2023 seasons, he has achieved remarkable strides that deserve to be seen as a 刮目.

Born in 2003, Kim made a down payment of 170 million won and an annual salary of only 32 million won last season after being drafted in the second round by Samsung in 2022. However, after this season, the ransom of the “hero of difficulties” (new nickname) as the vanguard of Samsung’s attack is expected to skyrocket.

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