‘2022 Wangjungwangjeon runner-up’ Myung Ji-jung’s ‘Thinking Basketball’

Myung Ji-joong has been developing into a basketball that he thinks for himself after the appointment of Jeon Jeong-gyu as coach.

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of the season, but amateur players, who can be said to be the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season.

Myungjijung achieved remarkable results by winning runner-up in the 2022 Wangjungwangjeon. Coach Jeon Jeong-gyu, who took office in March 2022, transplanted basketball based on autonomy and creativity. Coach Jeon Jeong-gyu said, “The best performance in 2022 is the runner-up in the King of Kings. After taking office in March 2022, the players have tried to create basketball that thinks for themselves and overcomes it.”

He added, “I calmly explained every detail to the players. This is because you have to understand the game situation so you can judge for yourself. The players are also very smart, so I accepted it well. Overall, it was a satisfactory season.”

Myongjijung’s team color is basic. Coach Jeon Jeong-kyu was of the opinion that we should do it from the basics rather than setting a special team color.

“I didn’t set a special team color. You have to keep the basics well to move on to the next play. 2023 hasn’t changed much either. However, the heights of the players have been slightly lowered. The season goal has also been adjusted,” he said. 바카라

On the other hand, Myeongjijung digested Sangju Stove League. Practice games were also held in Jeonju and Gunsan. We are steadily preparing for 2023. Coach Jeon Jeong-gyu said, “I went to the Sangju Stove League. I went back and forth between Jeonju and Gunsan to practice games. However, there were only 6 players available. There were injured players. Freshmen joined too late. I wonder how many players will join the rotation. We need to check,” he said.

Ham Tae-young, Shin Jun-hwan, and Kim Seung-hyun are selected as the players to note in 2023 among the famous players. Coach Jeon Jeong-gyu said, “(Ham) Tae-yeong has a passing sense and is a guard who reads the game well. He is short, but he plays a higher level. He attacks himself while saving his teammates. He is versatile. He’s a shooter. He’s doing a lot of dirty work and defense. (Kim) Seung-hyun is in charge of power forward and center. However, he is out due to an injury. When he recovers from his injury, he will support the team with a reliable appearance.” said.

Lastly, “First of all, I will set the goal of reaching the quarterfinals. The goal can be modified at any time. After passing the preliminary round, I will go up step by step. There is something I always ask the players to do. Focus on the court and stay strong He said, “Let’s focus on the game. Then we can play well enough.”

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