‘191.2 billion → 136.5 billion’ AT Madrid, Chelsea loan star ‘surprise discount’

140 million euro → 100 million euro discount.

Atlético Madrid plan to lower João Felix’s selling price this summer. Of course, even if you lower it, it’s a big amount.

Felix has struggled as a starter at Atlético this season, prompting the team to leave. Eventually, through the January transfer window, he moved to Chelsea on loan.

However, there is no full transfer option for this transfer. It is a short term rental of 6 months. If Chelsea want Felix, they will have to renegotiate in the summer. 바카라사이트

According to a recent local report, Atlético will demand a ransom of 140 million euros (approximately 191.2 billion won) for Felix. Atletico has a contract with Felix until 2027. There is no hurry. And it’s not an unreasonable condition because he spent a huge amount of 126 million euros to bring him.

However, according to Spanish media ‘Lerebo’, it was reported that Atlético would be willing to sell at a discount if the sale could be completed this summer. The media claimed that Atletico was willing to lower the amount to 100 million euros (approximately 136.5 billion won). This is because he already earned a decent amount of rent when he was sent to Chelsea.

Chelsea owner Todd Boelli is said to have been impressed by Felix’s performance. The possibility of full transfer opened up.

Felix himself is cautious. He told Ars: “Chelsea don’t have a full transfer option. They have to reach an agreement with Atlético. I’m new here. I’m still adjusting to the new environment. I like it here. But what happens in the future?” It is impossible to say if it will happen,” he said in principle.

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