15.2 Billion catcher’s vigilance, ‘Korean Killer’… 157km Confidence of sidearm “I have confidence in grounding”

Yang Eui-ji, the starting catcher of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, picked Yamada Desto, the right-handed hitter of the Japanese national team, as the number one guard. This is because he has suffered two painful blows in the past.

Sidearm pitcher Jung Woo-young, who throws up to 157km of two-seam, showed confidence against Yamada, saying, “If I throw it, I think I’ll easily catch it with a ground ball.”

Yang Eui-ji said in an interview with reporters after the national team training held in Tucson, Arizona on the 16th, “I received and watched the tablet video yesterday in preparation for the game against Japan. He was hit by Yamada’s decisive blows several times. He is a player who needs to be very vigilant.”

In the 2019 Premier12 final, Yang Hyeon-jong hit a three-run home run to Yamada and allowed a 3-4 comeback. 3-5 defeat and runner-up. In the match against Japan at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Go Woo-seok was hit by a sweeping double by Yamada in the 8th inning with 2 outs and bases loaded with a 2-2 tie and lost. All catchers were Yang Eui-ji.

The special meaning of the match between Korea and Japan in international competitions is well known to all Koreans as well as players. Jung Woo-young, who throws up to 157 km of two-seams, has his spirit and confidence on the mound.

Regarding the Korea-Japan match, Jung Woo-young, who was selected for the WBC team, said, “The Tokyo Olympics was bad, and I think the Korea-Japan match is more important in the WBC. He is personally confident. There were a lot of right-handed hitters in the Japanese national team,” he said. “At the Olympics, Woo Seok-hyung got hit by a double by Yamada. He is confident against right-handed hitters,” he said excitedly.

Jung Woo-young trained with the WBC official ball (Rollings) at the LG camp prior to the convocation of the national team. The four official balls he received in early December of last year were cooked in his hands until they turned black and became tattered. Catcher Park Dong-won, who received the ball during bullpen pitching at the LG camp, said to Jung Woo-young, “Why are you throwing a black ball?” 온라인카지노

In the off-season, Jung modified his pitching form, which shortened his slide step, which was his weakness, and practiced various throwing patterns of four-seam fastballs and slider pitches in addition to two-seam.

After pitching in the bullpen with a changed pitching form, he expressed satisfaction, saying, “In the first pitching, the restraint with Trackman data came out just as well as before.” The changed pitching form is expected to reduce the quick motion that took 1 second 5 to 1 second 6 to within 1 second 4.

Jung Woo-young said, “This winter, he started training quickly and quickly raised his intensity. He has to start with the new form and continue to do it when he goes to the national team. I feel so good right now, I think it will work out,” he said.

He’s ready to throw a high fastball with a four-seam or mix in a slider to get away from a two-seam one-sidedness. Jung Woo-young said, “I talked to the director, and he told me to throw a breaking ball as well. He said that instead of just throwing two-seams, he said that when the ball count is advantageous, he can throw the slider.”

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