“‘146.3 billion estimated’ younger than Kane” Manchester United, who is looking for an attacker, makes a sudden turn to ‘breathing with Kim Min-jae’ Osimen?

 It is news that Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man U), who are in urgent need of a transfusion of strikers, is paying great attention to fellow Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

The British media ‘Daily Star’ reported on the 23rd (Korean time) that “Man Utd is considering signing Victor Osimen (24, Naples). 

Manchester United, which failed to actively sign strikers in the transfer market last winter, intends to properly reinforce it in the coming summer.According메이저사이트 to many British media outlets, Manchester United’s number one target for signing is Harry Kane, who is second in scoring in the English Premier League this season. (30, Tottenham). 

Kane, who is already playing in the Premier League, does not seem to need any adjustment period when transferring to Manchester United. It is a perfect condition for Manchester United. However, what takes is 

Kane’s age in his 30s. Even the transfer fee, which is not small, can be a stumbling block.’Daily Star’ predicted that “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is thinking of at least 100 million euros (approximately 146.3 billion won) as Kane’s transfer fee.” Kane has a contract with Tottenham until 2024.

With Manchester United having to consider other options, Italian Serie A Osimen has been caught on the club’s radar.

Osimen has scored 21 goals in 24 Serie A games this season. Although he was away from the ground for a while due to a recent injury, it was not so bad that clubs hesitated to recruit him. 

‘Daily Star’ said, “To observe Osimen, Manchester United sent a club staff to AC Milan and Naples’ UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarterfinal second leg (1-1 draw) held on the 19th. ”he said. In that match, Osimen scored one goal.

At the same time, the media said, “Osimen can be a more attractive recruitment card than Kane,” and “Osimen is still young. Manchester United must look at the team from afar.”

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