1.5134 trillion Dodgers held a hot money party… Kershaw, one Texas transfer

The hero of this winter’s Major League Baseball is the Los Angeles Dodgers. It not only recruited top superstar Shohei Ohtani (29) and pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), but also brought in All-Star pitcher Tyler Glasnow (30) through a trade.랭크카지노

He spent 10 years, 700 million dollars, the highest amount in professional sports in the world, and gave Yamamoto the highest amount of money for 12 years and 325 million dollars. Upon acquiring Glasnow in a trade, he signed a five-year, 136.5 million-dollar extension. He invested a total of 1.161.5 billion dollars in the three players, an astronomical amount of about 1.5134 trillion won in Korean money.

The Dodgers have never spent so much money since October 2014, when Andrew Friedman, president of baseball management, began to form an efficient squad at a reasonable level. Over the past three years, it has overcome the failure of fall baseball and has shown a strong commitment to winning the World Series.

While the Dodgers was throwing a fancy money party, pitcher Clayton Kershaw (35), who used to be the team’s symbol, seems to have been pushed back. Kershaw, who became an FA after the season, underwent surgery to repair his left shoulder joint, humerus ligament and joint sac on April 4. “I hope I can return sometime next summer,” Kershaw, who announced the surgery on his SNS, expressed his willingness to extend his mandatory military service.

Kershaw, who appeared on the Dodgers’ exclusive radio show KLAC on the 14th, expressed his confidence in his physical condition, saying, “I’m in the process of deciding my next move with my wife. I want to win. I want to win the World Series again.”

“We absolutely want him back,” Friedman said of Kershaw at a season-setting news conference last month. “The ball went to Kershaw.” Friedman continued his one-year contract with Kershaw as he said every winter for the past two years. After the 2021 season, he signed a one-year, $17 million contract on March 14, which was over the year due to the closure of his workplace, and after the 2022 season, he signed a one-year, $20 million contract relatively quickly on December 6.

Christmas is here, but there are no news or rumors about Kershaw’s contract. As the Dodgers concentrated on big players, it couldn’t afford to pay attention to Kershaw. The fact that Kershaw has a history of injury that he can only return to in the summer next year is another factor that degrades the value of Kershaw. Against this backdrop, rumors have emerged that Kershaw will move to the Texas Rangers, a hometown team that is similar to an annual winter event.

The Athletic said on the 24th that “Texas is likely to have three starters, Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, and Tyler Mahle, miss the first half of next year. However, Texas has not stopped trying to recruit another outstanding starter, Kershaw, who is recovering from injury,” adding that Texas wants Kershaw. Chris Young, the Texas general manager, and Kershaw, who graduated from Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, are close.

Texas ended its 62-year-old dream by winning its first World Series title this year. Left-hander Jordan Montgomery and veteran left-hander Martin Perez were released as free agents, and deGrom and Scherzer were also injured, which weakened the starting lineup. It is difficult to join Kershaw because Kershaw has a history of injury, but Texas has shown interest in Kershaw for a long time. The team has been shunned by Kershaw, not by the champion team, but things are different this winter. Texas is the defending champion, and Kershaw may move the mind of the Dodgers, who has been pushed back.

While Ohtani, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation after elbow surgery, cannot throw as a pitcher next year, the Dodgers’ starting pitchers include Bobby Miller and Emmett Schiehen, who made successful debuts this year, led by Yamamoto and Glasnow. Walker Buehler, who underwent Tommy John surgery and rehabilitation, will also return. Although starting pitchers have been filled to some extent, Glasnow and Buehler need injury management. Kershaw is also an efficient pitcher who is not immune from injury, so any team is good to have. Kershaw has 13 wins and five losses with an ERA of 2.46 in 24 games (131 ⅔s) this year.

Even if Kershaw moves to Texas, the fact that the number 22 number will be permanently removed from the Dodgers remains a legend. Kershaw, who debuted in 2008 after being selected by the Dodgers as the seventh pick in the first round in the 2006 draft, has recorded 210 wins, 92 losses, and 2,944 ERA in 16 seasons (422 starts, 2712 ⅔ innings) so far this year. With three Cy Young Awards, one MVP, one triple crown, five first-place ERA, and 10 All-Star careers, he reigned as the best pitcher in the Major League in the 2010s.

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