iframe div Popular: Alec Baldwin Accidental Capturing of Halyna Hutchins Pizza/ You Can'& #x 27; t Message For thirty day Hooters New Shorts Demonstration you-can-t-just-ask-someone-why-they-re-white div Regarding h2 "Oh My God, Karen, You Can Not Simply Ask A Person Why They"re White" is an unforgettable quote from the 2004 funny movie Mean Women. On Tumblr, numerous variants of the quote has actually been included right into multi-pane photo macros showing a directly intrusive or socially uncomfortable discussion amongst 3 or even more personalities from prominent television programs and also movies. Beginning h2 The catch phrase originates from a collection of lines from the 2004 funny Mean Women. In the movie Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) asks Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) "So if you're from Africa, why are you white?" to which Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) advises "Oh my god Karen, you can not simply ask individuals why they're white." p Among the very first modified variations of the quote was put on Harry Potter , with Harry asking Voldemort "Why put on"t you have a nose," and also Dumbledore advising "God Harry, you can"t ask individuals why they wear"t have noses." The quote showed up on-line as very early as December fourth, 2010, on Yahoo! Responses. p you-can-t-just-ask-someone-why-they-re-white div Spread On March 15th, 2011, Tumblr customer perfectlikegaston 3 published a photo with the quote modified to be concerning Rebecca Black. Since August 2014, the article has actually gotten over 700 notes. p div style="text-align: center" livingdazed.com p On December 11th, 2012, Tumblr individual meangirlsofcapitolhill published a photo with the quote modified to be regarding an excessively tan political leader. Since August 2014, the message acquired over 500 notes. p On January 10th, 2014, Tumblr individual khaleesi-of-dreams uploaded a modified variation of the quote to be concerning the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. em Since August 2014, the message has actually acquired over 100 notes. p br div style="text-align: center" br p IMDB-- Mean Women p 2 Yahoo Responses-- Why am I not obtaining this joke Explain Tumblr-- perfectlikegaston p 4 Tumblr-- meangirlsofcapitolhill p 5 Tumblr-- khaleesi-of-dreams p 20 Cringeworthy Conversations From Dating Applications Reduced Rate God"s "You Ought to Eliminate Yourself ... Currently!" Tirade Produces Responses And Also Wholesome Recaptions br