Dragon CaveCheat Codes: ------------ Sent by: RMUpdate by: UnknownWeird Secret-about eggs: ------------------------ You have 2 take them, yet individuals can outbeat you. The the very least kind egg that theywill take is these: 1. , if something is incorrect with it.. (Like a soft covering).2. If it"s violet, for some reason.Egg summary: ---------------- Pool Dragon - This egg appears to be drifting on a puddle.Blue Dragon - This egg is slimed and also blue.Water dragon - This egg is being in a superficial puddle.Gaurdian dragon - This egg is being in front of the others.Magi dragon - This egg has an orange mood emitting from it.Mint dragon - This egg is concealed behind the others, as if it is shy.Green dragon - This egg is being in a heap of little pebbles.Skywing dragon - This egg has unusual markings on it.White dragon - This egg has a spick-and-span appearance. It"s entirely lacking dust and also scratches.Red dragon - This egg is instead warm.Purple dragon - Wow, purple isn"t a shade of egg you anticipated to see.Black dragon - This egg has a pale environment-friendly radiance around it.Gray dragon - This egg is bordered by fog.Pink dragon - It"s intense. As well as pink.Dark Environment-friendly dragon - This egg is being in a spot of yard as well as little blossoms although there"s no sunlight in the cave.Gold dragon - This egg is extremely reflective, virtually metal looking.Silver dragon - This egg emits a lovely glowStone dragon - This egg is harsh as well as hefty, as if it were constructed out of rock.Two headed dragon - This egg is divided down the center right into 2 colors.Paper dragon - It is constructed of paper, and also is light and also so little or domething that states folded up items of paper.Chicken - This egg is a 3rd the dimension of the various other eggs.Yellow dinosaur - This egg resembles it doesn"t belong, it is vibrantly tinted with white places. It"s much larger than the various other eggs.Red dinosaur - This egg resembles it doesn"t belong, it is brilliantly tinted with white places. It"s much warmer than the remainder of the eggs.Blue dinosaur - This egg appears like it doesn"t belong, it is vibrantly tinted with white areas. It"s much lighter than the various other eggs.Green dinosaur - This egg resembles it doesn"t belong, it is vibrantly tinted with white spots.Times Where Eggs Can Be Usaully Be Found: ----------------------------------------- I have actually observed for the previous 5 days that at the times of 4-7 am the cavern or deserted eggs maintain having a constant quantity of eggs.But your best option is to take place at 1-4 am if it"s feasible since the apparent factor is no person is on.Get over even more then 4 Eggie: ------------------------------ If you obtained 4 dragons Eggie, if you obtained women dragon as well as type with a maleand you obtain a various other egg and after that you with have 5 egg attempt it out its 5 to over eggie, in pleasure this rip off, woman can reproduce as soon as a day.Egg Summary 4: ------------------ They launch dragon caverns 15-20 mins after a hr. Likewise every 5 minutes.Also will certainly provide summaries for vacation dragons despite the fact that they have actually mored than.-=Rares=-Valentine Egg= This egg is truly fragile.vampire and also polychromatic Dragon: This egg appears dead.christmas as well as chilly 2007 = This egg gas cheery shades and also a holly fallen leave adhered to it.Christmas 2008 = This egg has cheery markings.Leetle Tree = Oh My. There is a leetle tree amongst the eggs.Neglected Dragon = This egg looks untaken and also sickly treatment of.-=Brand-new Launches that still exist=-Fuss Dragon = This egg has odd markings on it.Geode Dragon = This egg is hefty as well as seems like if constructed of rock. (They means to obtain a geode is to reproduce Rock Dragon X Rock Dragon)New Pink Sprites = It"s brilliant and also pink.DayDream Dragon = This egg is resting on a cloud.Sunset Dragon = This egg is beautiful as brilliantly as the sun.Sunrise Dragon = This egg is beautiful as vibrantly as the sun.Balloon Dragon = This light egg is drifting in the air.Red/ Purple Dorsal Dragons = This egg has numerous bands of shade on it.WhipTail Dragons = This egg trembles periodically, as if it aspires to hatch.White/ Red/Green/Blue Striped Dragon = This egg has actually vibrantly tinted markings on it.(You need to reproduce specific dragons with the white red stripe to obtain blue, red and also Environment-friendly red stripe dragons.)Eco-friendly Eggie: ------------ Sent by: JillianNo one appears to desire the light eco-friendly eggs. really time i most likely to the deserted eggs pagethere are constantly numerous eco-friendly ones! so, if you desire an environment-friendly one, there are constantly lots of those!Egg Summary 5: ------------------ Sent by: HamielSeasonal dragons handle the qualities of the period they are birthed in. Hence, eggs that are stocked springtime match the pink blossoms and also environment-friendly buds of Springtime, as well as those that are stocked the summer season expand to portray the brilliant eco-friendly of the woodland trees and also the yellow of the sunlight. Eggs stocked Fall present the brilliant shades ofleaves dropping from trees, as well as those that are laid throughout Wintertime tackle the look of the icy snow.Autumn Dragon - The markings on this egg suit the climate outside.Summer Dragon - The markings on this egg suit the climate outside.Winter Dragon - The markings on this egg suit the climate outside.Spring Dragon - The markings on this egg suit the weather condition outside.Egg summary 5: ------------------ Sent by: HamielAlbino Dragon - You can see the child dragon huddled inside this clear egg.Pygmy Dragon - This egg is so small you practically didn"t see it.Alt Creeping plant Dragon - This egg is being in a spot of lawn as well as little blossoms although there"s no sunlight in the cave.Alt Black - This egg has a pale eco-friendly radiance around it.Undead Dragon - N/A (Eliminate a hatchling and also revitalize it. 50% success price)Creeping plant Dragon - This egg is being in a spot of lawn and also tiny blossoms although there"s no sunlight in the cave.Egg summary 5: ------------------ Sent by: Hamiel(33.33% Possibility of obtaining Frilled, Ochredrake or Skywing Eggs from the caverns)Frilled Dragon - This egg has odd markings on it.Frilled dragons are smaller sized than a lot of various other types, however when endangered, they extend their fuss as well as wings to show up bigger. They normally do not such as to eliminate, and also like concealing to fight. Frilled dragons stay in little teams as well as commonly unite to frighten prospective dangers. Men additionally utilize their fuss as a method to attractmates, with those showing the "finest" fuss being most likely to breed.Ochredrake Dragon - This egg has odd markings on it.Ochredrakes are an interested varieties, with a vast range of anomalies as well as intriguing practices. Not as smart as typical dragons, they just reproduce with various other drake varieties. While they might not be intense, ocredrakes are fun-loving as well as flamboyant withamazing, tweeting voices to sing with, and also tame conveniently when faced with a mild hand.Skywing Dragon - This egg has odd markings on it.Skywing dragons invest the majority of their lives flying airborne. They quest from the air, diving at victim from above, as well as land just to remainder. They are just one of the fastest fliers, with the ability of exceptionally broadband. The webbing at the end of the tail works as a tail, permitting them to conveniently alter instructions throughout flight.How to obtain unusual and also uncommon dragons: ------------------------------------- by Unregistered Apr 23, 2012 I have actually understood while on dragoncave that if you get on the site for a long time, maybe a hr at the least, then the uncommon dragons begin to turn up. What I in some cases do is simply see youtube video clips or examine my e-mail while there is an additional tab open on dragoncave and also examine the deserted as well as cavern locations every when as well as a while, then after ahour or 2 check back. One more rip off to obtaining unusual and also uncommon eggs is checking out dragoncave in the early morning, around 2 AM to 4 AM due to the fact that, undoubtedly, no one gets on at thattime, so the uncommon and also uncommons could be seen during that time. Last but not least, this is a real yet little truth; no one is ever before in the cavern any longer. Many dragoncave individuals remain in the abondoned location, so take my suggestions, as well as most likely to the cavern, due to the fact that theres seldom any person therein. In the cavern you could discover some truly uncommon dragons such as celebrity, or possibly a legendary.The cavern is where I obtained my famous triad, lava!