Yosubani in ‘Samsung Fire & Marine Uniform’ “Adjust to all focus teams”

YOSVANY HERNANDEZ / Cuba-Italy / 32 years old / 201 cm / OH, OP) returns to the V-League.

Yosbani was nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance as the second overall in the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) men’s foreign player draft held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Umraniye Grand Ballroom in Turkey on the 8th at 4:00 pm (10:00 pm Korean time). .

Yosbani, who was nominated for OK Savings Bank in the 4th overall in the tryout held in Monza, Italy in 2018, was later nominated for Hyundai Capital in the last 7th in the tryout held in Toronto, Canada in 2019. In the 2020–2021 season, he wore a Korean Air uniform as a substitute foreign player and led the team to victory in the championship match. With this nomination from Samsung Fire & Marine, Yosubani will be active in the fourth team of the V-League.

Immediately after the nomination, Yosubani said, “I’m really happy. I’m looking forward to living in Korea. My life in Korea remains as a good memory.”

He added, “I know that Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was at the bottom last season. That part is not a problem. I will do my best. I will work with the thought of being a family before the team.”

In this draft, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was nominated as the second overall pick. However, as the first-ranked OK Financial Group renewed the contract with Leo, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was in fact the first-ranked nomination. Yosubani, whose name was called for the first time among all the players in the tryout, said with a smile, “Actually, I expected it. There were a lot of good players in this draft. I felt especially good because I was selected first.”

Yosbani, who is already aware that the Asian quota will be introduced in the V-League next season, said, “I know that our team has a good player from Mongolia.”

When asked about the division of roles with Eddie, Yos Bani said, “I can add to the offense, but if Eddie does a little better, I think he’ll be a good option for the team.”카지노사이트

Yosubani competed with several players in the V-League for the net. He did it with Leo and Tais, and his friend Vijena also competed. He said, “I don’t know much about Ikbairi. I’m not very interested in who is the best player right now. I’m trying to put all my focus on Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.”

In an interview after the match on the first day of tryouts, Yos Bani said, “I want to come to Korea because I want to become a champion again.” When asked if this question was valid after the nomination, he gave strength to his voice, saying, “It’s a difficult task, but if Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance achieves it, the joy and emotions will double.”

With Yosubani’s joining, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance provided an opportunity to take off. His skillful play is expected to be a great help to the team.

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