Yang Hyun-jong, who entered the field for the first time, said, “I’m steadily on the mound… I’m proud.”

KIA Tigers ace Yang Hyun-jong (36) once again stepped into the area for the first time.

Yang Hyun-jong started in an away game against the LG Twins in the 2024 KBO League at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 10th and pitched five innings of one run. Although the batters did not meet the requirements for a winning pitcher because they could not support scoring when he was on the mound, they effectively blocked the LG batters, setting the stage for KIA to come from behind to win 5-2.

Yang started his 400th career start on the day. This is the first time in history. He joined the team in 2007 and started as the sixth starter, and took the mound from the first inning in the ninth inning in the following year. He has been serving as the starting pitcher since 2009, and has been in his mid-30s until this season.먹튀검증

In the bottom of the fourth inning against LG, Yang hit Austin Dean with two outs, and completed 100 innings this season. He also achieved 100 innings for 11 consecutive seasons. This was the third time after Song Jin-woo (former Hanwha Eagles coach) and Jang Won-joon (retired).

Yang is ranking second with multiple wins (174 wins), second with the most strikeouts (2016) and second with the most innings (2249). Not only did he have a long run, he always maintained the top position.

“I knew about 100 innings, but I found out after taking the mound in 400 games. I am proud of myself for throwing consistently without getting sick. I think that is my strength. As I have maintained this throughout my career, I think I am naturally following my career,” Yang said.

Yang said, “I always say this, but I’m not conscious of my record. My team is focusing more on winning, and playing my role has made it this far. Still, I want to achieve 170 innings. I will continue to challenge myself this season.”

Kia won the match against LG on the day and secured 50 wins on a first-come, first-served basis. Of the 34 teams that preempted 50 wins in a single league, 24 ranked first in the regular season. Kia aims to win the title once again following 2017.

Yang said, “After returning from injury, my physical condition is very good. Since I rested well enough during the All-Star break, I will continue to throw starting rotation. As I am managing my physical strength well and my team is maintaining its No. 1 ranking, I think I have more work to do. Thanks to the fans who always give me big support regardless of home or away, I am still playing in the hot weather. I want to say thank you to Kia fans.”

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