Yang Hyun-jong, today’s elbow check-up. “I’m throwing it on Sunday. Hyunjin, I don’t want to avoid it.”

Yang Hyun-jong (36, KIA), who came down from the mound after five innings due to elbow injury while pitching, said, “I will throw a lot of innings in the next game.” “I’m not worried because I don’t think it’s an injury,” he said of the upcoming showdown with Ryu Hyun-jin over the weekend, “I have no intention of avoiding it.”토토사이트

Yang started the match against LG held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 18th, and recorded seven hits, two walks, two strikeouts and three runs in five innings. With a 10-3 lead, Yang handed the ball to the bullpen in the top of the sixth inning, and Yang garnered his sixth win of the season as KIA won 11-4.

However, he pitched in five innings with 73 pitches, and finished the game quite early. After one out in the top of the fifth inning, Yang hit a grounder to the third base to LG Kim, and threw the third pitch, before slumping for a while. In the KIA dugout, pitching coach Jeong Jae-hoon with his trainer looked for the mound to check his condition. After a brief chat, Yang threw test pitches. He did not appear to have been able to properly strain and spray the ball.

“I felt my elbow stuck,” Yang said. It was not painful, but rather tight and stiff. However, he threw four more against Austin Dean at No. 4 to complete at least the fifth inning, and played shortstop fly, and Yang managed five innings.

“I don’t think it’s enough to say that it’s an injury as the trainer releases it after coming down from the mound. I will have a checkup tomorrow. I need to have a checkup, but it seems temporary. I’m not worried about it that much,” Yang said after the game.

Not long ago, there was a scene where he felt something wrong with his thigh during the game and inspected it once. He already played 91.2 innings on the day. Some people say that he needs to take a break, which is something that comes out all the time around this time of year. Starting from last season, Yang also changed his mind, saying, “Now I feel that I don’t have to be there. I will take a rest if I feel that I need a rest.” However, it seems that he is not at that stage yet.

Yang said, “I don’t think I need rest yet. The coach always tells me to let him know if I have a hard time. (I will tell you if necessary) Not yet. As the team is doing so well, I think I will get good results if I just endure it, and I don’t think it’s a time to relax and take it easy just yet. I think it’s okay just yet.”

Yang will take the mound twice this week. He will take the mound against Hanwha on Sunday, Sunday. Hanwha ace Ryu Hyun-jin will take the mound as the starting pitcher. A “big match” is expected as Yang and Ryu will face off as starting pitchers for the first time in 17 years since 2007, drawing keen attention from the league. Yang also sees no problem in taking the mound in this game.

“I don’t want to face Hyun-jin as a starting pitcher, but honestly, I don’t intend to avoid it. It is right to throw it in the rotation. I want to throw it. I will probably feel more nervous and pressured than in other games, but I will throw it anyway because I am fighting with other batters,” Yang said. “I am very sorry to the bullpen pitchers today. It is the first game of the week on Tuesday, and I am grateful and sorry for the hard work the middle pitchers have done. Now, I will prepare well without thinking about anything and throw as many innings as possible so that the middle pitchers can plan their physical strength in the next game (on the 23rd).”

Yang will undergo a checkup on Wednesday afternoon. He said this was the first time he felt this way in his elbow while playing baseball, but he did not go far enough to call himself an injury.

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